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Ronnie Kroell

Ronnie Kroell

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A Chicago native, Ronnie was born in Andersonville and went to Niles North High School in Morton Grove where he became very interested in theater. After a break, he is attending to University of Illinois at Chicago, earning his degree in political science. He's well-known model, theater actor,…more


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    • Ronnie Kroell: What to wear on Date 1 – Keep it simple, casual, and you.
      Date 2 – Repeat date 1
      Date 3 – Business casual to formal wear for a more romantic dining experience and a night out on the town.

    • Ronnie Kroell: In extremely cold weather it is very important to protect and take care of your skin as the wind and dry climate tends to damage and dry it. In extremely hot weather you must also protect your skin from the sun by using lotion with a strong SPF and wear clothing that breaths easily so that you remain and as sweat free as possible.

    • Ronnie Kroell: When taking a fashion risk, I turn to me. I find inspiration from music, art, and my moods to determine how I express myself through fashion. Christina Aguilera says it best in her song Soar 'Don't be scared to fly alone and find a path that is your own. Love will open every door, what are you waiting for? Just spread your wings and soar.

    • Ronnie Kroell: Guys--when you go to the store to buy clothes, don't buy pieces, buy outfits. Have a plan, create your own style, and have fun!!

    • Ronnie Kroell: To make a great first impression -- smile, introduce yourself, and go with the energy of the conversation. To make a lasting impression -- thank the individual or group for their time and follow through with any business/personal promises discussed. It shows professionalism, builds trust and earns a favorable reputation.

    • Ronnie Kroell: Anyone can be a 'model', but to be a "supermodel" is truly an honor. It takes a strong sense of self, a desire to be successful and the courage to make it happen. When you hold a title such as "supermodel," it means something. It means that your hard work, time and energy are being not only recognized, but looked up to.

    • Ronnie Kroell: Birthday Suits are in style.

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