Ronnie Schell

Ronnie Schell


12/23/1931, Richmond, California

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Ronald Schell, Ronny Schell
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Born and Raised in Richmond, California, Ronnie's desire was not to be a performer, but rather to be a professional baseball player. He played semi-pro baseball before deciding to join the Air Force.

While in the Air Force, he began touring bases in an Air Force…more


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    • Ronnie Schell: (days before his 80th birthday in 2011) I never thought about retiring," he said. "Fortunately, I've never had to, in the sense that I'm still working at night clubs. I just played Vegas for the 42nd year.

    • Ronnie Schell: The problem with Good Morning, World, which actually was a well-written show, is that we were on opposite Tuesday night at the movies, which was on NBC. And in those days, the movies, there were only 3 networks and the movies were just starting [to air on television]. So every Tuesday night people would look in their TV Guides and say, "Who should we watch tonight, Cary Grant or Ronnie Schell?" Well, guess who won.

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