Rory Cochrane

Rory Cochrane


2/27/1972, Syracuse, New York

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Rory Cochrane


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Rory Cochrane was born 28 February 1972, in Syracuse, New York. His first major film role was as Jeff Goldblum's son in offbeat thriller Fathers & Sons (1992). He followed this with major roles in two ensemble coming-of-age films - as Ron Slater in Dazed and Confused (1993),…more


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  • Terrific actor!!!

    I don't understand the negative reviews of Rory. His character profile for CSI: Miami was as a moody and scruffy Columbia University grad with a dysfunctional family history. He was gruff and offhand as this was the character - read the synopsis from CBS. And Rory nailed it!! There was a vulnerability to Speedle which was evident beneath the gruff exterior. He was a wonderful character as he was so different to the other one dimensional characters on television dramas. Compare the role of Speedle to the character he played in 'the Company' (Yevgeny); to the character he played in 'Right at your Door' (Brad); to the character he plays in 'Argo' (Lee) - they are all very different and all played so well - and all very different to the Lucas, Slater and Billy Mack characters he played early on in his career. Rory proves time and time again that he is a very talented actor and has the ability to show much more depth and emotion than just simple character portrayals common in mainstream dramas. Plus, he is a hell of a cool guy!!! Yeah, RORY!!!!moreless
  • Annoying!

    I only know Rory Cochrane from his role as Tim Speedle on CSI: Miami. That's pretty much the only show he was starring in according to his 'appearance' list. And his acting out this role wasn't really good, by the way.

    He always had this pissed-off attitude about him. I don't know whether this was Tim Speedle's personality or Rory Cochranes. Either way, this made him totally unlikeable. Whenever he was talking to a (supposedly) suspect, spectator, or witness he had this kind of I-dont-care-what-you-think-cause-Im-a-CSI look on his face.

    The summit of his annoyance was the episode 'Wannabe' in Season 2:

    He interrogated this little (btw harmless) wannabe CSI. Throughout the whole time he talked to the guy in a condescending manner. Then, the next day they had to show up in court. In the elevator Horation told Speedle that the little geek wouldn't be coming. To which Speedle excruciatingly annoying replied: "Why? Does he want us to pick him up?" But it turned out that he was found dead. At the end of the episode, however, Speedle was portrayed as the only one who ever believed in the little geek and that he had a special relationship with him. What in the world???

    All in all, I think Rory Cochrane is heavily overrated. I have to admit that I'm glad that the writers decided to kill his character off and replace him with Ryan Wolfe, who is way cooler, IMO.moreless