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  • Rory Thost, one of the greatest underated child actors of today.

    Rory Thost is a child actor who was born in Texas. He is probably most known for his acting in Disney Channel's Phil Future, as Bradley Benjimin Farmer. This character gains a crush on Pim after she breaks him up with Debbie, played by Kay Pannebaker. Rory Thost was great in that part and became a reccuring cast. Sadley, his part wasn't picked up for the second season of Phil. Rory has also made appearances in other popular shows. For example, he did a voice over for Charlie Brown in Robot Chikin and the voice of Casper, in Family Guy. But, Rory's latest role is Kip, in the children's series, Higglytown Heros. This show is a show that tells kids about all of the local heroes in their town weather they are a Fireman, Mechanic, or anything!

    Rory Thost is a very talented actor and deserves bigger parts in the near future. He is not only talented, but he helps out people and fans aswell. So, Rory, keep up the great work!