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  • The best show ever!

    The Thundermans is my favorite show. My favorite characters are Max and Billy. I also like the other characters. I am an 8 year old boy and i recently fell of my bike thinking of Phoebe. My favorite episode is Cape Fear. I hope that they will make many more episodes of this awesome show. I never missed a single episode since I started watching them about 10 weeks ago.
  • rosa Blasi is a great actress.Can't wait to see what else she is in.

    Rosa Blasi is a great actress.I discovered her in Strong Medicine.She was the reason why I started watching the show.But where is she now?You don't hear anything of her.She needs her own show,I had read once that she wanted to be a comedian.I'm sure she would be great.Anyway,she is a great inspiration to women.Or at least she is to me.If anyone reads this and has any new info on her.I would greatly appriciate if you would share.
  • rosa is tha best you could ever know!!!

    i really love Rosa, she is so charming and i really love to see her acting, performing and even singing! the show strong medicine is my favorite, exspecially the episode rape kit! it really helped me. i was raped myself and abused for several years. the episode learned me to talk about such things because then you can recover! my big wish is to say this in personal to her! but i live in the netherlands so thats gonna be hard! but this year i go to amerika so with a bit of luck maybe i will see her..but as a personal she is really nice too! she really a talker, she's fun, and you can laugh with her! so i really want to meet her! i hope my dream come true.. but it's a dream.. and this dream is very difficult!
  • Rosa Blasi and Strong Medicine

    Rosa Blasi is the best female actresses around. You can give her any role to do and she can pull it off. After last nights finale of Strong Medicine I saw how talented she really is. Her emotional feeling that she can achieve is the best that I have seen. I am looking forward to seeing many more things with her in it. She really gets into the roles that she plays. I believe the cancellation of Strong Medicine was a mistake. Would be nice to see her do some musicals and movies. Good luck Rosa in all you do.
  • Rosa Blasi is a great actress at every thing she does she can get into which ever character she wanted to be and you wouldn't be able to tell the differance!

    Not many people truly know the talent this actress really is but growing up watching her on the hit Lifetime show Strong Medicine and loved her on the Grudge. She also did a great job as a guest star on CSI:Miami were she played a womens who's husband was shot I just love her in what ever she does and she is one of the few actresses that actual reads her fan mail and replies I know this because she has a forum on which she actual posts on which this has been confirmed by the staff of lifetime. This just show how dedicated she is and I am interested in what role she takes on next.
  • Rosa Blasi currently stars as Dr. Luisa Delgado on Strong Medicine, also staring Jennifer Lewis, Joshua Coxx, Rick Schroder, and Tamera Mowry.

    Rosa Blasi is by the best actress ever. The show that she stars on, Strong Medicine, has made her popular. She stars as Dr. Luisa (Lu) Delgado. Rosa is a beautiful and talented actress, and she needs to be given a lot more parts in movies. She got married last year.

    Her role as Lu, is great. She portrays the doctor perfectly. Her character goes through a lot, and Rosa acts everything out fantasticly. Her newest partner, Rick Schroder, who stars as Dr. Dylan West, is great. He helps to enhance Rosa's performance.

    Rosa also has a role in "The Grudge" as Maria. It's not a big role, and I think that she should have been given the main role.

    Rosa Blasi is just so great at what she does. And she doesn't take everything for granted. She has been photographed volunteering at orphanges many times.
  • Lu a real role model.

    Dr Lu is one of the best actresses on TV. She fits the part she plays so wonderfully. Her character gives hope to those who think they have nothing in their lives. She plays that part so effortlessly. She is so believable. She is also so beautiful. With all the obsticles that Lu has faced during her run on the show she has showed you can always bring yourself back up and begin again. I know I would love to have a doctor like Lu where I live. Somebody who will listen and even if she can't fix whats wrong she can empathise with you and listen. She is so talented I would love to see her some movies as well.
  • Rosa I'm so happy to become one of your fans.

    When I first saw Rosa Blasi it was on Strong Medicine and I just loved her and her acting. She is beautiful and talented. I wish I could meet her and get to see her in big screen movies. I wish her all the best in life and I can\'t wait to see her act more.
  • 10
    I think Rosa Blasi is a great actress and person. She has a good attitude and personality from what we see on tv and find out on the internet. I have talked to Rosa on the phone before and eveytime I have written her, she has written me back. She is true to her word about loving her fans. You never hear anything really bad about Rosa. When she is out somewhere or in a interview, she is herself. Rosa is a spectacular person. Evryone should get to know her better.

    Her number one fan Crystal