Rosalind Chao





9/23/1957 , Los Angeles, California, USA

Birth Name

Chao Jyalin




Rosalind Chao, also known as Chao Jyalin, was born in Los Angeles, California. Another source states her birth place as being Anaheim, California. Her birthday is a mystery. Some sourced give the date as September 23, 1957. Some sources give the year as 1959. There are other sources that give the date as September 29, 1964. Because her parents were Beijing Opera singers, she received some small opera roles as a child. She shot her first commercial at age 7. In 1970, she played her first television role on the sitcom Here's Lucy. In 1978, she graduated from Pomona College in Claremont, California. After graduation, her acting career began. Rosalind was cast as Keiko Ishikawa, a Japanese exo-botanist, in Star Trek: The Next Generation. Keiko marries Miles O'Brien and the couple and their daughter are transferred later to Deep Space Nine. In Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Keiko is the founder and teacher of a school on DS9's promanade and Miles and her have a second child. Star Trek is not her only credits. Chao has appeared in both the television series M*A*S*H and its spin-off, AfterMASH. When she first appeared in M*A*S*H it is during the last several episodes of the series. She played Soon-Lee, a Korean woman who fell in love and married Maxwell Klinger. In AfterMASH, she and Klinger moved to America where Klinger went to work for his former Commanding Officer, Colonel Potter. She was also one of the eight main characters in The Joy Luck Club. She claims that one of her favorite role is a minor one in What Dreams May Come. In this show she played a flight attendant named Leona. Leona has the physical manifestation of the protagonist's dead daughter. In addition to regular roles on television shows, she has appeared in guest spots on The West Wing (as Jane Gentry), and on The O.C. (as Dr. Kim). Rosalind is married to actor Simon Templeman and the two of them have a son and daughter.