Rosanna Tavarez





2/10/1977 , New York City , New York

Birth Name




News Anchor - Rosanna Tavarez began her television career as a bilingual entertainment reporter/producer for MUN2's Fuzion. Her combination of spontaneity, humor, and sharp wit was quickly noted and within a short period of time she became the co- host/producer of Chat, a discussion format show which allowed Rosanna to display her ability for intelligent debate. During this period, Rosanna was invited to host MUN2's behind-the-scenes program of Protagonistas de la Musica called Full Access where for the first time she could readily merge her knowledge of television and music. Rosanna now co-hosts the new entertainment news show Fuzion as well as the entertainment news segment called the 411 on MUN2's The Roof.

Prior to hosting, Rosanna auditioned with 3000 hopefuls to be part of the WB's reality television series Popstars. Her singing and dancing talent earned her a spot with four other girls who went on to become the group Eden's Crush, rising to the top spot of the Billboard Charts with their hit single Get Over Yourself and sharing the stage with many acts including NSYNC and Jessica Simpson.

Her versatility and unique sense of are due in part to her motley experiences. Raised by Dominican parents in New York City and Miami and educated in the Midwest at the University of Michigan and Ohio State University, Rosanna infuses her varied influences in culture, language and education with her work. Her studies of liberal and fine arts made a significant mark on her communication skills. During her time at the University of Michigan, Rosanna received numerous scholarships and grants, one of which allowed her to travel to New York City and Puerto Rico to conduct research on female activists for Dance-Theatre work. As a fellowship student at Ohio State University she also researched Afro-Dominican Dance and Music in the Dominican Republic. Through these experiences she cultivated a strong connection to her Latin and American roots, her love of artistic mediums and her passion for coming into contact with new and exciting information.