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    I think that Rosario Dawson is a decent young actress, but she really has not done much that has been top notch. She has pulled off a variety of great roles, but I'd like to see her do a little more.
  • Rosario is so beautiful.

    I love this woman. She is beautiful,talented,and a kind person. She can play anything. Her range is great and she is so racially diverse that she can play any ethnic role. She is THE ethnic actress right now. Her films roles are as diverse as she is. This young woman is an inspiration to all. She was born into a very poor family but she made something of herself. I believe she tries to help others who are now in her situation. She can do it all. The wonderful movie Rent allows her to sing,act, and dance. Rosario is also kind enough to answer her fan mail at
  • Wow, Rosario blew me away in RENT. To me she is one f the best actresses that can play the role of Mimi greatly. I have not yet seen the first RENT. But she just rox. I don't know if Daphne played the role better. I don't know that...yet *laughs*.

    Rosario's just one of the BEST actresses to me a young teen (17)... she might not be as good as Daphne according to the people who have seen the first RENT. But she did what probably no other actress (except Daphne) could the role of Mimi Marquez. Well...