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    • Movie Credits:

      Back to the Well: Making Clerks II - Herself
      Spit - Narrator
      Sin City 2 - Gail
      Killshot - Donna
      Clerks II - Becky Scott
      Descent - Maya
      A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints - Laurie
      No Day But Today: The Story of RENT - Herself
      30 Days In Hell - Herself
      RENT - Mimi Marquez
      Little Black Dress - Haley
      Sin City - Gail
      Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure - Tina
      This Revolution - Tina Santiago
      Alexander - Roxanne
      The Death of Alexander - Herself
      The Rundown - Mariana
      Shattered Glass - Andy Fox
      The Rundown (Rumble in the Jungle, Appitite for Destruction, The Amazon, Hawaii Style, Running Down the Town) - Herself
      The Girls Life - Martine
      Spike Lee's '25th Hour': The Evolution of an American Filmmaker - Herself
      The 25th Hour - Naturelle Riviera
      The Adventures of Pluto Nash - Dina Lake
      Men In Black II - Laura Vasquez
      The First $20 Million Is Always the Hardest - Alisa
      Ash Wednesday - Grace Quinonez
      Love In The Time of Money - Anna
      Chelsea Walls - Audrey
      Trigger Happy - Dee
      Sidewalks of New York - Maria Tedesko
      Josie and the Pussycats - Valerie Brown
      King of the Jungle - Veronica
      Down to You - Lana
      Light It Up - Stephanie Williams
      Side Streets - Marisol Hidalgo
      He Got Game - Lala Bonilla
      Girls Night Out - Unknown
      Kids - Ruby