Roscoe Ates





1/20/1895 , Grange, Mississippi, USA



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Roscoe Ates was an actor and musician best known for his work in Western films and television. Born in Grange, Mississippi in 1895, Ates had a stutter in his early years that he worked hard to eliminate. Due to his speech impediment, he entered the entertainment world as a violinist, but chose to work as a vaudeville comedian after discovering it paid more. By using his stutter for comedy, Ates became a popular fixture in vaudeville, leading to his first film role in South Sea Rose (1929) as the ship's cook. Following a number of bit parts, he was given his own series of short films that were produced by RKO and Vitaphone. During this time, he also appeared in Cimarron (1931), Gone with the Wind (1939) and the John Wayne film Three Texas Steers (1939). Beginning in 1946, Ates took on the role of Soapy Jones in 15 films that parodied the Western genre. After 1950, Roscoe Ates became a television actor, beginning the transition to the small screen with his appearance in The Marshal of Gunsight Pass. He followed this up with several guest spots in a number of shows, including a recurring role on Lawman. His last credited role was an appearance on The Untouchables in 1961. Roscoe Ates passed away at the age of 67 due to complications with lung cancer in 1962.