Roscoe Born

Roscoe Born


11/24/1950, Topeka, Kansas, USA

Birth Name

Roscoe C. Born, III



Also Known As

Roscoe Borne
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Roscoe Born is the only male actor to appear in more than 11 different soap operas. His first gig was playing Joe Novak on "Ryan's Hope." He is best known to playing villains, and his most recent role involved playing a prison warden on "Passions," an evil Tom…more


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    • Roscoe (About playing a villain which is Roscoe's trademark): It's hard to write good characters with complexities. The good characters usually seem to be reacting to something and it's the bad characters that are making the story move and I like to be part of that. I've been semi-good on a couple of shows. I started off bad on one and I got to make everything happen, then I turned good and everything happened to me. I'd rather... I like being bad.

    • Roscoe (About his daughter Alberta): She's very funny, extremely compassionate, wise beyond her years. She's not just a little girl, she's already a real person. I'm always happy when I'm with her.

    • Roscoe (After being fired from ABC's soap opera All My Children in 1997): It was hard on me, hard on my family, hard on anybody who had anything to do with me. And I have paid dearly in just about every way you can imagine.

    • Roscoe (About leaving the cast of The Young and the Restless): It's been a hell of a ride. I'll miss so many great people throughout the studio, on every level of production. My thanks and best wishes to all.