Rose McIver





10/10/1988 , New Zealand

Birth Name




Rose began appearing in commercials not long after the age of two.

Her first film appearance was in the Jane Campion film, "The Piano" as an angel, in 1993.

She appeared in all four of the Hercules TV movies, as well as two episodes on the TV series as Hercules' daughter. She also appeared on an episode of Xena: Warrior Princess.

Has made guest appearances on episodes of Mercy Peak, City Life, and Shortland Street, and starred in films such as Topless Women Talk About Their Lives, Maiden Voyage, and Ozzie.

She's appeared in two Disney films; 2003's Eddie's Million Dollar Cook-Off, and 2007's Johnny Kapahala: Back on Board.

She had lead roles in Maddigan's Quest and Rude Awakenings, and recently finished filming the last season of Power Rangers RPM.

Her American debut was in Peter Jackson's The Lovely Bones, released in December 2009, and in 2010 her new film, Predicament, will be released in New Zealand and Australia.