Rose Rollins

Rose Rollins


4/30/1981, Berkeley, California

Birth Name

Rose Rollins


  • Rose Rollins as Daisy Ogbaa on Chase.
  • Kelli Giddish as Annie Frost, Amaury Nol...
  • Rose Rollins appears in the final season...
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This amazing actress was born in Berkeley, California on April 30, 1981. She has been featured in several movies such as The Thoughts Of You, Mission: Impossible 3, Something New, 13 Moons and Undisputed. She is now in the great show The L Word as a lesbian named…more


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    • Rose: (About her similarities with her The L Word character, Tasha Williams) We're actually very similar, and most of it was fairly easy for me. But the most difficult part was sort of placing myself in a woman's shoes that's at combat in a foreign country, and that was very challenging. And also just shooting those scenes, being in the middle of fire and being responsible for so many lives because I'm a captain. That was the most difficult part. But as far as the person that she is, I found that relatively easy, because we are so similar.

  • I love Rose Rollins Character (Tahsha) the L word I love the storyline. The ex-marine who is very shy but still very powerfull. it seems like she has some self concious issues. On top of that she is a very beautifull woman.moreless

    I absoulutly love, the character Tasha she is has a very powerfull position in the show. She is the first all black lesbian women. The creators of the l word are touching on very intresting topics she is both a minortiy and she is in the military. This is going to be intresting to se how they face the dont ask dont tell policy. Rose Rollins is doing an absolutly amazing job of playing this part. I love how she can be so shy at one minuete but when she is offended she jumps up and stands up for herself.moreless