Roseanne Barr





Salt Lake City, Utah, U.S.A.

Birth Name

Roseanne Cherrie Barr




As a wife and the mother of five, not only is Roseanne Barr a Domestic Goddess in real life, but she found her way, through stand-up comedy, to play one on TV. In all of television history, it took until 1980's for this powerfully funny, Salt Lake City native to break the stereo-typical "TV Mom" mold created so long ago by the likes of Harriet Nelson & Donna Reed.

After a critically acclaimed network television debut on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, comedienne Roseanne Barr became a key player in both the sit-com world and the world of entertainment in general. Few tabloids were printed in 80's and 90's that didn't prominently feature Roseanne's off-camera exploits. The short list: The success of, controversy surrounding, and public debate over her eponymous ABC sit-com; her divorce in 1990 from then husband, Bill Pentland; her subsequent marriage to and tumultuous relationship with comedian, Tom Arnold; the effect that relationship had on the cast and crew of the show; her bitter divorce from Arnold; her vitriolic public tirades regarding him and the pointed dropping of his last name; her marriage to former bodyguard, Ben Thomas; and the successful reversal of a tubal ligation so that she might give birth to her fifth child, son Buck. Roseanne's proclamation that she was "America's greatest fear, white trash with money!" seemed to be prophetic, indeed.

The accolades for her comedy both on camera (whether on the ABC ground-breaking sitcom, Roseanne or in such movies as She-Devil) and off camera (various "stunts" such as her three-way marriage to Tom Arnold's one-time assistant, Kim Silva), were viewed with equal parts laughter and horror by the American public. Many of the trials of her private life would find their way into the scripts of her show. Probably the most notable example of this was the day she dropped Tom Arnold's last name and changed the list of credits for Roseanne to show every cast and crew member by first name only.

Roseanne has appeared in over two dozen prime-time and late night television shows, as well as several movies, her own talk show, and in a short run as the Wicked Witch of the West in the Broadway adaptation of The Wizard of Oz, which ran at the Theater at Madison Square Garden. She is a four-time Emmy Award nominee and a one time winner, a four-time American Comedy Award winner, and a well regarded author who continues to make the world think and laugh with her unique outlook on life.