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  • Came up with the best sitcome ever.

    She is crazy (in a good way.). FUNNY.
  • roseanne barr is a....

    roseanne barr is a simply without a doubt a amazing women. if you watch any interviews with her you can see that she is a amazing women. she said in one interview "you know im going to stop dying my hair and just let it grow grey." she has no fear of aging she is her own boss and a gentle women. she is hillarious. i fell in love with her when i saw her show "roseanne" and ever since then i have watched anything with her in it. i would suggest watching interview with her. im sure you can find some on other websites. you and only you can make up you're mind on roseanne barr.
  • Roseanne Barr

    A pure comic who will go a long way in life. Many people think she is annoying and at times I have to agree, but her flow of comedy comes so easy and she is obviously good at what she does. Roseanne has her highs and lows. One high being the star of a sitcom, and one low being the dissapointing comedy speacial on HBO which I found not to be some of Roseanne's best work. She has to keep on mind that alot of her fans are of the younger teens and she should try a comedy speacial appropriate for the majority of her fan base. Altogether Roseanne is a wonderful and truly funny person and hope to see more of her in the future.
  • Comedy meets Everyday woman.

    What can I say about Roseanne!? She’s one of the coolest people you will ever encounter on the entertainment section, her dark humor, her casual looks, her warm feeling that you get every time she smiles and laughs...
    Roseanne seriously changed my live, I went from a shy, regular kid to an outgoing, do-whatever-who cares-kid, and it can do the same for your children, for that reason she was voted one of the best characters on television, Roseanne’s crude jokes will open up a new world for you, you will se life a different way and most important, she will crack you up.
  • Hillarious and enjoyable to watch.

    This woman always makes my day. All I need to do is kick back to a good episode of Roseanne and she never ceases to make me laugh. Her sarcasm and opinions are what makes the show enjoyable and makes watching it all worth it. I was just watching her tonight on Roseanne Barr: Blonde and **** and I must say my best friend and I were laughing our butts off. It was hillarious and took away all the things that were bothering me. I think it's great to have a comedian like her during the down times. Definitely a one of a kind lady who is surely one of the all-time greats in Comedy history.
  • The best female standup ever.

    I love her standup and her sitcom, "Roseanne". She was such an unexpected source of laughter. Frumpy, big hair, and, to some (not me), an annoying voice. Not exaclty something people were used to. But her material was so funny, and so real. Women and men laughed. She turned her material into "Roseanne", one of, if not the, best sitcom ever made. It ran for 9 seasons, 6 of those in the top 5 in the ratings, 7 in the top 10, 8 in the top 20. The show showed what real life was for normal people. Lost jobs, bills overdue, drugs, sex. But it was also very, very, very fuuny at the same time. John Goodman (Dan on "Roseanne") has sad the show lasted as long as it did and stayed so very good for as long as it did because of Roseanne herself. And you can tell when she talks about her time on the show. She truly believed in it and put her all into it while it was on. And thats what I like about her.
  • Wow!

    Roseanne is an awesome show. I think the biggest reason why I love it is because it is like real life. People struggle, get married to the wrong people, fight, etc. etc. The show deals with real life problems and that is what I always have loved in a series. I enjoy the fact that they make everything seem so funny though. (Yes I know it's a comedy.) But I mean like they can make them not having enough money to pay the light bill humourous. The only problem I find with this show is the newer episodes. They just don't seem to be quite as appealing to me as the older ones. But besides that, Roseanne is top of the charts in my book!
  • SWEETNESS!!!!!!!!!

    Roseanne was one of the best actresses on T.V during her day, and if she decided to come back then she'd still be great. She was the mom that I always wanted with such punishments as, "Now you sit down, turn on that television and think about what you just said." She was the comic genius of the 80's and 90's. I hope that she can find another great gig on television that will make it somewhat as great as Roseanne the television sereis did, and hopefully it will be with John Goddman because he's had a tuff run himself.
  • complete and utter rebelion, I LOVE IT.

    roseanne, where to start? this woman dared to stand up and show t.v. what life was really about. we all love 50s and 60\\\\\\\'s sitcoms, but they failed to show real life matters.

    for instance, you except the mother to be gorgeous, wearing little outfits, skimping around the house? yes, normally. but in this case, wrong. roseanne wore whatever she wanted when she wanted, she basically ran the house with her over-feminist ways, a b**ch and proud.

    my inspiration. you love her, you hate her, you want to jump for joy and say THATS MY ROSIE!

    my one regret is the 9th season. it should have ended like boy meets world, where there are flashbacks of the past and at the end mr. feeny says, \\\"i love you all, class dissmissed.\\\" they didnt go back in the show and say that this was this and that was that, so they could try to correct all the mistakes made in the show with one last minute swoop, also runing the finale. you messed up there, roseanne.

    but superb finale or not, i will always love this show
  • What started as a Married With Children clone ends up being more tastefully done, more grounded in reality rather than being a crude parody, open-minded, and artistic in its camerawork.

    I love this show! While the first two years seem to be plain, it's the 3rd one that really elevates it. The acting is great, the writing sharp without being aimlessly crude, and there's the added touch of underrated camera operators, incorporating classy moves such as "depth of field" techniques. This show is well made, and for a satire of middle class life never gets campy or descends into crude parody. (okay, it's partly crude satire, but that's better. :D )

    Of course, the show also has the Connor family trying to survive inflation, job loss, daughters dating bizarre boys, selfish daughters, sexuality... the gambit. Good stuff.

    Of course, the final season (1996) ends up being one long, unsatisfying dream. The season finale that aired in May (the same day FOX aired its "Doctor Who" movie, which was a dumb thing to do as this was Roseanne in her prime) may have been a better series finale.

    What's also great about this show is that it, as with "The Golden Girls", and later on "Spin City" in the form of a regular character, building up positive, realistic portrayals of homosexual men. (okay, Roseanne's final season turns everyone into stereotypes, but it's just a dream - right?)

    Best of all, every show has a trademark. Roseanne's has got the best ever Halloween specials. These never cease to induce belly laughs.

    Defintiely a must-see show, preferably from season 3 onward.

  • Ah, Roseanne. She's got the comedy and sometimes the drama. She's awesome!!

    She's a great actress. Half the time when I'm watching her show, I forget that what's happening is on tv. It's 'cause she's so great at conveying feeling in her own bizzare, screwball sort of way. She's one of the few actresses I know who can take one large, poor family facing all sorts of difficutlies...well, hilarious.

    One thing is for sure: the fact that she is overweight just contributes to her unique character. She's impressive, really. She's what keeps the show Roseanne ticking (obviously), and I think she's the best person that coulda ever been picked for that part.
  • Roseanne is a comedian/actress. She's carried her own show for many years and starred in various movies. However it is her show amd marriage to Tom Arnold that made her the most noticed for her blunt, realistic form of comedy.

    I think Roseanne should go down as one of the greatest comdeians of all time. I absolutely love her and even though they're reruns, watch her show all the time. I haven't seen her in many movies if I ever come across one, I'll be sure to check it out. I did see She-Devil, and I found that pretty funny. I hope she's in something else, but if not, I'm just fine with watching Roseanne reruns. If a show is good, I don't mind watching it over and over. I don't think any family shows have acheived the level of reality that this one has.

    ROseanne still stands as one of my Top 5 comedians.
  • i love the way she acts on the show.

    i would love to have a picture of her as she is my favorite star on tv.but i could not find one to see or look at. please let help me out with a picture of her.
    well, if i was to ever meet her in person it would make my dream come true.
    she is a very beauitful person inside and out.
    thanks d.g.harris
  • Roseanne, what would I do without her.

    I absolutely love her! She is a fantastic actress. Very original, very funny, and very annoying!! She is wonderful in her sitcom Roseanne. She plays an annoying nagging yet funny mother. I would love to have known her. I bet she is funny in real life. She is great. A+
  • Roseanne was the best sitcom on T.V. and to me always will be. The laughs, tears, and screams I shared them all, never missed one show. My fav is the Mothers Day with Nana Mary, simply the best.

    I grew up in a very disfuctional family but once a week I could count on the Conner's to show me how family should of be, yeah they fought and yelled but they loved each other no matter what and that was because of Roseanne and the way she wanted her show to be. It touched more people then she might of thought, it touched me and I have always thought I would be just like Mrs. Conner when I became a mother, allowing my children to express themselves and no matter what always loving them and putting her family first, after her anyway! ha! ha! So Rosie from one mother to another your the best and I hope to see a Conner reunion on T.V. very soon.
  • i think roseanne and the cast are the greatest of all time. i always felt that i could relate to the show--she reminds me of sooooo many people i know, that is amazes me. i'd just love her!!!!! i do wish that we had more shows like the roseanne show.

    i think roseanne and the cast are the greatest of all time. i always felt that i could relate to the show--she reminds me of sooooo many people i know, that it amazes me. i'd just love her!!!!! i do wish that we had more shows like the rosanne show.