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  • Roseanne was the best sitcom on T.V. and to me always will be. The laughs, tears, and screams I shared them all, never missed one show. My fav is the Mothers Day with Nana Mary, simply the best.

    I grew up in a very disfuctional family but once a week I could count on the Conner's to show me how family should of be, yeah they fought and yelled but they loved each other no matter what and that was because of Roseanne and the way she wanted her show to be. It touched more people then she might of thought, it touched me and I have always thought I would be just like Mrs. Conner when I became a mother, allowing my children to express themselves and no matter what always loving them and putting her family first, after her anyway! ha! ha! So Rosie from one mother to another your the best and I hope to see a Conner reunion on T.V. very soon.