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  • What started as a Married With Children clone ends up being more tastefully done, more grounded in reality rather than being a crude parody, open-minded, and artistic in its camerawork.

    I love this show! While the first two years seem to be plain, it's the 3rd one that really elevates it. The acting is great, the writing sharp without being aimlessly crude, and there's the added touch of underrated camera operators, incorporating classy moves such as "depth of field" techniques. This show is well made, and for a satire of middle class life never gets campy or descends into crude parody. (okay, it's partly crude satire, but that's better. :D )

    Of course, the show also has the Connor family trying to survive inflation, job loss, daughters dating bizarre boys, selfish daughters, sexuality... the gambit. Good stuff.

    Of course, the final season (1996) ends up being one long, unsatisfying dream. The season finale that aired in May (the same day FOX aired its "Doctor Who" movie, which was a dumb thing to do as this was Roseanne in her prime) may have been a better series finale.

    What's also great about this show is that it, as with "The Golden Girls", and later on "Spin City" in the form of a regular character, building up positive, realistic portrayals of homosexual men. (okay, Roseanne's final season turns everyone into stereotypes, but it's just a dream - right?)

    Best of all, every show has a trademark. Roseanne's has got the best ever Halloween specials. These never cease to induce belly laughs.

    Defintiely a must-see show, preferably from season 3 onward.