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  • complete and utter rebelion, I LOVE IT.

    roseanne, where to start? this woman dared to stand up and show t.v. what life was really about. we all love 50s and 60\\\\\\\'s sitcoms, but they failed to show real life matters.

    for instance, you except the mother to be gorgeous, wearing little outfits, skimping around the house? yes, normally. but in this case, wrong. roseanne wore whatever she wanted when she wanted, she basically ran the house with her over-feminist ways, a b**ch and proud.

    my inspiration. you love her, you hate her, you want to jump for joy and say THATS MY ROSIE!

    my one regret is the 9th season. it should have ended like boy meets world, where there are flashbacks of the past and at the end mr. feeny says, \\\"i love you all, class dissmissed.\\\" they didnt go back in the show and say that this was this and that was that, so they could try to correct all the mistakes made in the show with one last minute swoop, also runing the finale. you messed up there, roseanne.

    but superb finale or not, i will always love this show