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  • The best female standup ever.

    I love her standup and her sitcom, "Roseanne". She was such an unexpected source of laughter. Frumpy, big hair, and, to some (not me), an annoying voice. Not exaclty something people were used to. But her material was so funny, and so real. Women and men laughed. She turned her material into "Roseanne", one of, if not the, best sitcom ever made. It ran for 9 seasons, 6 of those in the top 5 in the ratings, 7 in the top 10, 8 in the top 20. The show showed what real life was for normal people. Lost jobs, bills overdue, drugs, sex. But it was also very, very, very fuuny at the same time. John Goodman (Dan on "Roseanne") has sad the show lasted as long as it did and stayed so very good for as long as it did because of Roseanne herself. And you can tell when she talks about her time on the show. She truly believed in it and put her all into it while it was on. And thats what I like about her.