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  • She ruined Without A Trace!

    Because of her inability to speak English and minimal acting skills, Roselyn Sanchez singlehandedly ruined Without A Trace. The only reason she was hired in the first place was because she is Hispanic and female. And for what reason? Wasn't Enrique Murciano Hispanic enough? Wasn't Poppy Montgomery woman enough? After Sanchez joined the cast, it became necessary to view the show with subtitles just to see what her character was saying and no viewer–no matter how loyal--is going to do that for very long! Once again, the producers and network traded quality for political correctness and sacrificed a great TV show in the bargain.
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    I was an avid Without A Trace fan before Roselyn Sanchez. She can't act or speak English, so why is she on what is supposed to be an English language TV show? A local station has reruns of Without a Trace on the weekends and last night, I was watching one in which her English was even worse than usual--I finally gave up trying to figure out what she was saying and switched channels.
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    Ms. Sanchez contributes absolutely nothing to the show and her English is so poor that I can't understand half what she says. It's high time she was reassigned, killed off, or something - anything to get her off the show! If she returns next season, I will no longer watch Without A Trace.
  • Ruined the show; can't even speak English; get her out of there.

    Without A Trace used to be a good show and still is except for when they put Sanchez in an episode. Ruins the whole show. The FBI would never hire somebody like that; she can't even speak English so the criminals wouldn't even know what the heck she was asking them. And when other FBI characters are busy with their work, she has to stick her nose into their business to see what they are doing because she has no investigative talent of her own. And what is this about putting her picture before Close in the opening music? He has seniority over her. They had a good lineup of characters before Sanchez came along and should have left it alone. Soon as I see all the older episodes without Sanchez, I'll probably quit watching the new ones.
  • Please get her off the show!

    I just don\\\\\\\'t see anything that she has contributed to the series. They are using her for her looks. I think that is all she has going for her. The acting? Nil. The character does nothing for the series. Obviously she will be used for a on the job affair,which seems to be quite trendy on the show. There is too much drama among co-workers. I suggest that you go another direction with the show\\\\\\\"excluding her character\\\\\\\". There was already enough drama before she got there.
    This is one of my favorite shows. I just want to keep it that way.
  • Although gorgeous, very difficult to understand with her heavy accent - she should take speech lessons to help her sound more AMERICAN!

    I have watched Without A Trace since it came on the air, but I am seriously thinking about dropping it as a favorite show. The reason is not because of the story line, but the fact that Roselyn Sanchez's accent is just too heavy, and at times difficult to understand.
  • review of biography

    Just thought someone should know that in your bio of Ms Sanchez you have gender: male. I am kinda thinkin' this is an oversight. I really do not know how many people actually read these reviews or bio's for that matter, but I thought it funny that a site devoted to the characters and actors in this show had not reviewed itself to make sure that information is accurate. I hope this is helpful and not taken as a crazed fan.

    Okay , the rest is just filler since I cannot think of 100 words to say that Ms Sanchez is female. n
  • Nice Appearance in looks, too bad she does not convey the same aspects in her acting.

    I have never seen her in any other show but Without a Trace, so my review might be biased. However, from the show's aspect, she is a terrible actress. She does nothing to help the show; in fact, she hurts it when she appears. The show was doing very well with the 5 main actors it had and did not need her character or any character for that matter. She should remain doing what she is good at: a job that does not include the qualification of acting.
  • Good actress.

    Beautiful. Smart.
  • Give Roselyn a go!!

    I think Roselyn Sanchez has been a great addition to 'Without a Trace' and is one of the reasons that i have been tuning every week at the moment. She reminds me a lot of Pussycat Doll lead singer Nicole Scherzinger in looks and accent. Roselyn has pretty good acting skills and it helps that she has a pretty face to go with it!! She has definately added much needed sex appeal to 'Without a Trace' and her character is very appealing. I haven't seen any of her movies but now that i know of her i will be on the look out. C'mon guys, give Roselyn Sanchez a go, she certainly isn't the worst thing on TV at the moment.
  • "Breathtaking!"

    Roselyn Sanchez, one of the most beautiful actresses around the world, is absolutely breathtaking. Besides that, she's very talented, which is absoultely a great mix, a combination that makes every guy stop at the TV screen and just stare at her. I've watched Roselyn in a few movies already and I just must say how much beautiful and talented she is. A big career is in front of her. Let's hope she stays on the screen as long as possible and become a hit, because this lady is just charming. If you didn't see her anywhere, rent "Rush Hour 2," or watch either "Kojak" or new seasons of "Without a Trace," and you'll be charmed from the first time you lay your eyes on her.