Rosemary Forsyth





7/6/1943 , Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Birth Name




Universal was still putting young players under contract in the mid-60s, but it never seemed to have too much notion about what to do with them. Rosemary Forsyth, like Susan Clark, had to struggle to get worthwhile roles from the studio, and the sad thing is that the two which brought her to public attention in 1965, in "Shenandoah" and "The War Lord", were the best ones she'd get. She was a strikingly attractive girl, and she certainly knew how to act; but the only other good movie role she ever got was in "Whatever Happened To Aunt Alice?", and that was as long ago as 1969. TV has kept her busy, though - she was the wife of the murder victim in the first-ever regular episode of "Columbo", and she's done series of all kinds since, and is still going strong today.