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    She is a great actress, comidian, person, writer, and auther.
  • she is a pinhead know it all pathetic human being.

    she is pathetic, disgusting, savage, rude, ignorant, selfish, combative, disrespectful, lying, hoodlum, know it all, human being. I am glad she is no longer on this show because she degraded the show to a level that was beyond embarrassment. she really had to shove her sick pathetic opinion in everyones throat weather if she was right or wrong. her feud with trump was a classic show case of her true color, she really thought she has the goods to go after him, not that he is any better person but at least he was on the right track unlike her drunk and alcoholic miserable desperate woman.
  • I must say, I agree with the majority of people. Rosie O'Donnell has turned into the worse.

    I must say, I agree with the majority of people. Rosie O'Donnell was once a very talented actress, but now she is somewhat of a disgrace. I do not think it is wrong to put your opinion in or stand up for your beliefs; but how does one person have an opinion on every little thing. She purposely starts drama and over exaggerates on every subject. She always has a negative comments for her co-workers. And these ridiculous high school feuds she is starting with everyone, are just stupid. She has turned into this very negative, over dramatic person. I honestly think she is finished with the celeb life. Who would want to work with her?
  • Not worth the paper her autograph is signed on

    Where do I even begin? Certianly talentless, not to mention tackless! Granted controversy may get you attention, but not neccessarily in a good way. Attacking the other members of 'The View' is not the way to endure yourself to your audience members, all you do is alienate them!
    Quite some time ago, Rosie was on a game show, where monies won would go to the actor's favorite charity. Rosie was a whiny, poor sport. If you are raising money for your charity, I would think it would be wise to check your competitive nature at the door. But not Rosie! From that point she lost ANY enduring qualities in my eyes. After her attacks on Donald Trump, and her fellow "The View" castmates, it was clear to me that she has shown her true colors and they are ones of a selfish, immature, spoiled brat!
  • Used to be a good actress but now she is a disgrace to Hollywood.

    I think that Rosie O'Donnell use to be a good actress but now i think that she is insane and should be commited to a mental hospital. Her views suck and she throws a temper tantrum at a drop of a hat. It is no wonder that she is now known for her high profiled fights on TV. I think that Rosie O'Donnell should stick to acting and stop being on talk shows. She should relieze that America does not care about her or her views and that we are happy that her career is going down the drain because of how nuts she really is.
  • Back in the 90s she was ok, but now? Good Lord!

    Rosie was decent back in the 90s when she did movies like "A League of Their Own", but in the last few years she has become a total MOONBAT. She makes Hillary Clinton look like a hard core Republican.

    Cant believe it took so long for this loud mouthed insane woman to get kicked off "The View" (She says she quit.. yeah right). 2007 was the year Rosie lost her mind with all her 9-11 theories, nasty comments about everyone who doesnt agree with her and her bizarre comments about her bodily functions, among other things.

    Of course she will likely be back on TV on an NBC or MSNBC show where she will continue to go nuts. They should team her up with that weird guy Keith Olbermann (his eyes are too far apart - he looks like an ET like alien); those 2 would be perfect together.
  • Rosie lost all the respect I ever had for her. *sad*

    I used to enjoy watching and listening to Rosie on her talk show, in Nickelodeon, and movies like "A League of Their Own." Now that she's on "The View", I don't recognize her anymore. I was fine when she had her tiff with the Donald (Donald Trump). That's between her and the Donald. Then she started criticizing religion, citing "Radical Christianity is as dangerous as Radical Islam" (sic). Next, she cites 9/11 conspiracies within the Republican Party (Bush destroying the WTC towers to cover up Enron and Guliani "hiding" crime scene evidence), which is a disgrace to American citizens. Finally, she crossed the line by accusing U.S. troops of being "terrorists." I have lost all respect for this woman. May I hope to never remember her ever again.

    Until Rosie is removed from "The View" (or any public appearances for that matter, which is SO much better), I am moving to boycott all ABC programming, no matter what shows are on it. Congratulations, ABC. One less viewer to worry about.
  • Dear Rosie, Thank you for being FAIR on TV!I am writing this hoping you will take time and read it.I was so upset to hear Barbara talking about Muslim women in degrading form.She needs to re-think bc nuns are also covered.

    This is for us,non-public people to speak peace.Please,live Islam and Muslims alone.No one is mentioning Jews who did not show up(5oo employees)on the day of the attack.Suddenly 500 people got sick-COINCIDENCE.Please,read my letter and shut up Elizabeth bc she is trying to catch up when you're talking.Democracy is about respecting other people's rights,not degrading them,especially when women in her religion are doing the same thing.I bet she is against lesbians,just using you to get popular.She is "saying" that she is religious,then, her religious forbids lesbians but in her case it does not hurt to get popular over you.Please Respond!
  • Once a big name star, Today a big blow hard!

    I use to Like Rosie when she was a stand-up comic but sadly TV tends to ruin people. Rosie started to lose my respect when she was given her own talk show. Rosie in my opinion is now daytime host material. Put her int he middle of the night (maybe after Carson Daly) and she would fit right in. After her show ended I was hoping the old classic Rosie would be back but instead she gets a gig on ABC's The View. It started off okay but it wasn't long before her Hollywood leftist views surfaced on air and The View became her personal soap box. Rosie has done more to damage that show and her reputation in the span of a few months than some celebrities can do over their career.
    It is time for Rosie to give up Television and return to her roots and do what she did best, Stand-Up Comedy!
  • she\'s trying to be but funny but you\'re not! , i used to love her movie the \'the riding the bus with my sister\',my opinion to this feud about her she is just insecure!

    you know what I think the main reason why this rosie is so mad at ronald trump because she is just INSECURE with donald trump i mean he is a very wealthy man have a very succesful show like the apprentice unlike her... Rosie has to mind her own business,if donald wants to give chance let him be after all he has a part with the competion. i watched a news that rosie was saying that she was shamed on donald calling her fat and that her children are watching that they were hurt actually i think they should be really hurt but not bec. of donald trump but bec. of well duh attacking a person\'s image that did not do anything to her. well that is sad! desperate to have ratings maybe?! or obsessed with trump?!, because as if she knows everything about him and even his finacial state,, this are all opinions! ^.^
  • She's such a b*tch! She's getting worse with each show. From attacking Kelly Ripa when she commented on Clay Aiken covering her mouth with his hand to attacking Donald Trump when he made the decision to allow Miss USA to keep the crown.

    She's such a b*tch! I don't get why Barbara Walters would allow someone who attacks her friend, Donald Trump, to still be on The View. And it isn't the first time she did something so horrendous. She attacked Kelly Ripa (which was so uncalled for!) just because Kelly commented that she didn't like Clay Aiken covering her mouth with his hand. It wasn't because Kelly was homophobic, like Rosie was just then! Then she started up with the 'Ching Chong' jokes when she heard that Danny DeVito would be on the Chinese news. Of course, the Asians were mad at her, because what she did was insulting. Just to make more of a b*tch of herself, she apologized saying: "To say ching chong to someone is very offensive, and some Asian people have told me it's as bad as the n-word. Which I was like, `Really? I didn't know that." She even said, "But I'm also gonna give you a fair warning that there's a good chance I'll do something like that again, probably in the next week -- not on purpose. Only 'cause it's how my brain works." (both quotes are from Now what kind of apology was that? I can see why nobody would accept her apology. It seemed totally fake like "I don't get what you're so upset about, but I'm sorry. It's a only a joke. Lighten up." Rosie apparently has no respect for people and doesn't care if she has to step on other people to get her opinions across. Eventually, her contract will run out and she'll be booted off The View. As Donald Trump would say and I quote: "She is a very, very unattractive woman who really is a bully." P.S. Sure, I admit that I don't like Donald Trump very much and think he's a spoiled brat with a comb-over, but I know if I was in Rosie's place, I wouldn't mess with a billionaire. I heard that you can't sue just because someone hurt your feelings. Knowing Trump, he can get the court to be in his favor and sue anyone making him thousands of dollars richer.
  • I used to love Rosie during her stand-up days and even when she had her show, now she is really bitter, and kind of an extremist.

    I don't know why she can't go back to being lighthearted Rosie O'Donnel, instead of being this bitter woman that hates everything and everyone that has a different opinion than hers. She isn't even correct on some of the stuff she says. I'm a Catholic and a Republican but I think gays should be married, by alienating people like me, and there are alot of us in that group that feel they should be married she is just hurting her cause. I kind of feel bad for her, that she believes that the people who are trying to hurt this country are the good guys. I only gave her a 2 because of the laughs she gave me before she got bitter and vindictive, I hope she can get it back together, because it seems like I'm not the only one who feels that way
  • Rosie shouldn\'t be so quick to judge!

    Rosie was wrong on accusing Kelly Ripa of being homophobic.
    Since Clay hasn\\\'t \\\"come out\\\" why is Rosie assuming Clay is gay? Clay was very unprofessional, he should have just sat there and looked good, thats what most \\\'Guest hosts\\\' do! I didn\\\'t think Kelly was making a gay remark, Rosie should get the chip off her shoulder. She should apologize to Kelly.
  • A person who thinks that Christans are as bad as Islamic Fascists.

    Rosie O'Donnel is a complete idiot who has a plethora of things going against her, she likes chicks, is a loud idiot, is a extremist activist and she treats us Republicans like the devil. And she is just an annoying actress who can never be silenced. I can't stand her and I have no idea why she is famous.
  • Rosie is the worst thing that ever happened to The View. I hate the show now and refuse to watch it. Every time I try to watch I just get angry at something that she says. She doens\'t even get her facts straight.

    She needs to go. Get her out of there. They are losing viewers each and every day with her on the show. Cut her loose before you find the show cancelled. She says things that offend so many people. Christians are not murderers that are compared to the terrorist that hit this great country on 9/11. She slanders the President of the United States and belittles him. When in turn if someone would slander her she would fight back and try and stop them from saying anything. The show was so enjoyable the way that it was. Before Rosie, I really did enjoy the show. I can\'t stand it. And further more she can\'t bless anyone so she shouldn\'t be trying to. Stop this insanity.
  • Rosie is amazing person- though she can be tough but has a heart gold. I hope that one I can as great as her when it comes to the kids in this world need someone to love them. I've been watching her since I've been 14 and I've learned some much fro

    Rosie is a great person and has given so much to kids and will always be someone remember for kindness to the child for don't have anyone. I have loved all her movies and everything she has been in. She is a great perosn and actress. My favorite is was her talk show and the lastest movie for Hallmark- "Riding the Bus". Everytime I see her in something she alwasys gets better at her craft. I love her blog, her truth is what the world really needs and that people should not criticize her and views. Rosie rocks!!!! Rosie Rules!!!!!
  • Loud-angry-political-gay-rights-activist-Rosie O'Donnell aside, she is a terrific actress.

    Loud-angry-scary-political-gay-rights-activist-Rosie O'Donnell aside, she is a terrific actress; Harriet the Spy, Sleepless in Seattle, A League of Their Own, Ridding the Bus With My Sister. The list goes on and on. If she weren’t so vocal about her political beliefs, then chances are directors wouldn't been so hesitant to cast her in roles.