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  • love of my actor

    Ross ever since I watched your show I loved you. You inspired me to become a song writer it's because of you I am not afraid to come out and show people. I write songs and I am actually really good at it. Song writing is my passion. One of my dreams is to meet you. And for you to read one of my songs.
  • Good Singer, Good Actor.

    Lynch is the more talented actor/singer on Disney Channel since last few years, he deserves more fame he gets. I hope that he will become more popular in the coming years, expecially after his experience on the Disney network. He certainly has the talent to become a good comedy/movie actor. And he also proved to be a good singer. Of course his kind of music is commercial, but he has been shown to be distinguished from other music groups and singers in pop music. Many young people try to earn fame by Disney, but it is often not the best opportunity for them, becouse they have to do things that doesn't reflect entirely themselves, this is the case of Lynch. He can become a better artist when he leave Disney Company, as happened to other artists. (Sorry for the mistakes, english is not my first language)
  • Ridiculous, untalented, and fake

    Ross Lynch cannot sing, he uses autotune in a sad attempt to fake talent. People say he's a great singer but live he sounds completely disgusting. It is too sad that people actually try hard to earn fame but people like him get it all for doing nothing. He's also the lead singer in the worst band of all time R5, and he performed the worst song in human history, called "I got that rock and roll!"

    All he does is write songs praising himself or preppy teen love songs bound to make little girls drool over him.

    I'm only 14 but I hate this guy.
  • Overrated and talentless

    Ross Lynch is hideous, talentless, and overrated. He doesn't deserve half the fame he gets and is so damn fake, both in his looks and personality. He's also a Justin Bieber wannabe, a Jesse McCartney wannabe, a Zac Efron wannabe, and a Niall Horan wannabe.
  • what an amazing singer

    wow austin moon (ross lynch) you can really sing! i have never seen anyone sing better than you! i am so happy for you that you have made a great accomplishment like this!