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  • i always love it when a cool guy with a really awesome accent that seems impossible to toss can fake an accent perfectly... though i really do like his natural accent better(im talking about his character in... i bet ull never guess... Band of Brothers)

    love the charector he plays in Band of Brothers, and he plays him very well. i guess the characters (( Joe Leibgott )) is down to earth but hes also a real hero and i think Ross Mccall embodies that and hes just a great actor anfd i hopw to see him in other moies and shows, preferably a good heroic true WW2 movie but either way it would be. but anyways im a horrible writer and definately didnt do him justice if i was a better writer this would be so long because theres tons to write about him thats why i gave him a 10 so sorry i cant write more for lack of sufficient words!
  • So talented and attractive

    I saw Ross for the first time in band of Brothers where he did an outstanding job of capturing the essence of J. Libgott, not to mention he was addictive to look at. I swear my heart skipps a half beat when I see him. I would love to see him in more stuff, maybe he could come to Canada and do some shows here. I'll show you around Ross...
  • I love ross McCall

    . my english is not so good,sorry for that.but I do my best.
    ross McCall is really my favorite,specially when ross close 1 eye.when he do\'s that my body shiver.I found band of brothers an very good serie unforyunately ross was not so much in the picture. I want to now more about him.