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  • i always love it when a cool guy with a really awesome accent that seems impossible to toss can fake an accent perfectly... though i really do like his natural accent better(im talking about his character in... i bet ull never guess... Band of Brothers)

    love the charector he plays in Band of Brothers, and he plays him very well. i guess the characters (( Joe Leibgott )) is down to earth but hes also a real hero and i think Ross Mccall embodies that and hes just a great actor anfd i hopw to see him in other moies and shows, preferably a good heroic true WW2 movie but either way it would be. but anyways im a horrible writer and definately didnt do him justice if i was a better writer this would be so long because theres tons to write about him thats why i gave him a 10 so sorry i cant write more for lack of sufficient words!