Ross Thomas

Ross Thomas


2/19/1926, Boston, Massachusetts, USA



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Mr. Thomas was a widely admired writer of suspense thrillers, many of them set in a Washington D.C. filled with scheming, subterfuge and sudden death. Mr. Thomas, who was a combat infantryman in WWII and a former newspaperman and political consultant, became a highly productive novelist whose 25…more


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  • Ross Thomas is one of many writer's who appear to be disappearing from the Literary world, replaced by author's of political thrillers who fail to comprehend immorality, word's, characters, in a way that is inherently true. While his book's have been repumoreless

    Ross Thomas's best work is indisputable his book's. His screenplay's can not be compared, to the sheer glorious, unapologetic joy that defines his irreverent novel's. Well not all are republished, particularly the book's he wrote under the name Oliver Bleek (which are quite good), enough are, although used copies of the book's that were not reissued are now much harder to come by.

    By far his best book's are actually not the ones he won the most critical praise for. Do not judge his books by the award he receives. China man's Chance, is a great book. Wu and Durant are a pair for the ages, from the minute Wu stumbles over a dead seagull, and is helped home by a wealthy stranger to the last breathless moment's, they are perfect for each other, in the most un romantic sense of the word. Out on the Rim also featuring Wu and Durant, is equally excellent.

    The Forth Durango and the Money Harvest are twisty literary crime novel's. To under estimate, Thomas skill with the written word, simply because of the subject matter he chooses to write about, is a mistake.