Ross Thomas

Ross Thomas


8/21/1981, Stockton, California, USA

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Ross Thomas



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Ross Schuler Thomas
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    • Ross: In my spare time, I am active in outdoor sports and fitness. I like to do anything from snowboarding, surfing, hiking, mountain biking and anything with a board. I love being outside and I try to do as much outdoor activity as possible. I love to travel and read.

    • Ross: I am addicted to HBO's show Big Love. It's a fantastic show, great actors and a great storyline.

    • Ross: (on his character, Bailey, from Beyond the Break) I play Bailey Reese who is one of the best professional surfers on the circuit. He surfs for WaveSync, which is the same company that the girls surf for. He lives in the loft behind the WaveSync house. When I first read the character description on Bailey, I was a little nervous he was going to be one of those one-sided clichéd characters, but that turned out not to be the case at all. He's, actually, an intriguing character to play. In my opinion, (I am not just being biased because I got to play him) he has one of the most interesting and unpredictable storylines out of all the characters. On the surface, he can sort of come off as a wild-man playboy who spends a little too much time with his out of water recreations when he should be water surfing and defending his title. The reality is that he is a big multidimensional character who suffers from many of his own insecurities about the sport of surfing, love and life in general. There are many aspects of his life that he's guarded with, which Bailey sees throughout the season.

    • Ross: (on his favorite project to work one) Each project is unique in its own way. I can't say that anything I've worked on has been the same as another. I've had, so far, each project be different and all of them have turned out to be great things that I've done, like this! This turned out to be an amazing opportunity to learn and really get good at a sport, play a really fun character and live in Hawaii. The Cutting Edge 2 was awesome, as well, because I got to learn how to ice skate and work with professional figure skaters and Christy Carlson Romano. A few years ago, I got to work as a deaf young man trying to start his own exterminator, which was an indie feature called What's Bugging Seth. It was unlike anything I'd ever done. I had to learn how to speak with a deaf dialect and understand deaf mannerisms. A lot of the other TV guest work that I've done was great as well. I'd say, my favorite project was all of it as a whole. As an actor, I embrace every different project and really try and give it my all and put my heart and passion into it. Everything has been great so far and very different from all the others.

    • Ross: (on working with Eugene Levy) I didn't have any scenes directly with him, though I was on set in part of a bigger scene. You have a big, comedic, iconic person like Eugene Levy come on set, and he definitely brings an aura with him. I'm a huge fan of his and I love him in everything he's in, like all of the Christopher Guest movies. He knows his part better than anyone for American Pie. He is one of the major parts of American Pie, so it's really fun to watch him come in with his confidence and his knowledge of the character, and really rub that off on all of us. The guy's got a great attitude. He really validates the movie and brings such a great addition to it. He's outstanding. Just being in the presence of him was a very cool thing to have happen to me as an actor.

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