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  • This guy is just plain bad. Sorry to say!

    Sorry to all the fans, but this guy is AWFUL! Seriously, most people who are "fans" have probably never seen (or even heard of) great hosts such as Conan O'Brien and Jay Leno. Rove is an embarresment to Australian telivision. Not only is his show completly unoriginal (his 'good' sketches are just rip offs of Jay Leno's Headlines and Jay Walking). He's sketches that he's staff DO think up are awful. This being 2 minutes at your house for example. They follow someone around their house... WOW! Funny stuff Rove. Whats even worse? FLICK YOUR SWITCH! Watching people turn their lights on and off it's entertaining or funny.

    Roves is unfunny and feels the need to make atleast 5 poo jokes a night. Seriously, this show needs to be taken off the air.