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    • Rowan Atkinson:People think because I can make them laugh on the stage, I'll be able to make them laugh in person. That isn't the case at all. I am essentially a rather quiet, dull person who just happens to be a performer.

    • Rowan Atkinson: When I was doing Bean more than I've done him in the last few years, I did strange things - like appearing on chat shows in character as Mr. Bean.

    • Rowan Atkinson: Marketing is what gets you noticed, and that side of it something - this side of it, if you like, doing interviews - is the side of it that I least enjoy, and yet is 50% of the project.

    • Rowan Atkinson: I'm not really a writer, so my main problem always is finding the writing talent to write something of the caliber that you would like to do.

    • Rowan Atkinson: I think I am a creative person, but I'm slightly more kind of visionary... I prefer to guide writers, than to claim to be one of them.

    • Rowan Atkinson: I feel as though the camera is almost a kind of voyeur in Mr. Bean's life, and you just watch this bizarre man going about his life in the way that he wants to.

    • Rowan Atkinson: I, on the other hand, am a fully-rounded human being, with a degree from the University of Life, a diploma from the School of Hard Knocks, and three gold stars from the Kindergarten of Getting the **** Kicked Out of Me.

    • Rowan Atkinson: We are in the stickiest situation since sticky the stick insect got stuck on a sticky bun.

    • Rowan Atkinson: As I was leaving this morning, I said to myself 'the last thing you must do is forget your speech.' And sure enough, as I left the house this morning, the last thing I did was to forget my speech.