Roxann Dawson

Roxann Dawson


9/11/1964, Los Angeles, California, USA

Birth Name

Roxann Caballero



Also Known As

Roxann Biggs, Roxann Biggs-Dawson, Roxann Biggs Dawson, Roxanne Dawson, Roxann Cabalero
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Roxann Dawson was born on September 11, 1964 in Los Angeles, California to Richard and Rosalie Caballero.She has also been on many TV shows and movies - including popular shows such as "Star Trek: Voyager", "Baywatch", "Matlock", "Jake and the Fatman". Dawson works as a writer as well…more


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    • Reporter: Have you enjoyed directing on Enterprise?
      Roxann Dawson: Well, directing for Enterprise is great because I'm so back with my family. I mean, these are the same people, for the most part, that I was working with on Voyager.

    • Reporter: Do you still keep in close contact with your Voyager cast mates?
      Roxann Dawson: I try to. I talk often with Bob Picardo, who I adore.

    • Reporter: Are you aware if there are any Voyager movies in the making?
      Roxann Dawson: No, no, no. I get asked this a lot. No, no, no.

    • (Speaking of Star Trek: Voyager)
      Roxann Dawson: I did break a door on the set once, and the production was not too pleased with me.

    • Reporter: In which medium do you prefer to direct?
      Roxann: Well, right now I'm loving directing for film. I think directing in the theater is a whole other kind of thing.

    • Reporter: What do you think the legacy of Voyager will be?

      Roxann: I hope that people will watch the reruns and will discover it later on and fall in love with these characters that we've fallen in love with.

    • Reporter: Are you glad that you can finally cast off B'Elanna's makeup?

      Roxann: That's the only thing I will not miss from this show--the makeup was very uncomfortable and restricting.

    • Reporter: Are you satisfied with where your character ended her journey in the finale?

      Roxann: I think that's what's wonderful about it, is characters don't end life. You meet somebody and then you walk away from them, and you know they've got a future and that they'll be moving on and living their life and doing something else.

    • Reporter: How do you feel about your work on Star Trek?

      Roxann: I couldn't be more grateful. I've got a most amazing family, and I'm able to do the thing that I love doing. Star Trek has afforded me some amazing, amazing opportunities, and I will always be grateful, really.

    • Reporter: How did you start directing?

      Roxann: Well, I've always wanted to direct, and I approached them very early on about wanting to learn how and my producers graciously opened their doors to allow me to learn.

    • Reporter: Do you prefer acting, writing, or directing?
      Roxann Dawson: Probably the most creative thing for me at the moment is directing

  • Roxann Dawson is very talented,she has a very good role in Star trek: Voyager. Dawson is a good role model for anyone who wants to become an actress.

    Roxann Dawson is very talented,she has a very good role in Star trek: Voyager.She done well in making me wonder what was wrong with her(Lt B'elana Torres) she does well in hiding stuff so does everyone else but, i think she's good at that she even makes my dad laugh id love to meet her also to see what she is like when she talks to people that likes to know stuff about her and how shes going with her acting career.moreless
  • I like how she portrayed her character on Voyager, and how she poured her passion into the role of Chief Engineer Torres. I think she shoulud be in more films and movies.moreless

    Very much able to turn heads in a glance, since she plays a character in Star Trek Voyager that shows signs of aggression from her Klingon heritage, she does admirably in defining just who her character is. That is what I see as a person and a Trekker, as a amature writer - I would like to use her in one of the many roles or characters that I would have in my stories. That is if she wouldn\'t mind.moreless