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    • Reporter: Have you enjoyed directing on Enterprise?
      Roxann Dawson: Well, directing for Enterprise is great because I'm so back with my family. I mean, these are the same people, for the most part, that I was working with on Voyager.

    • Reporter: Do you still keep in close contact with your Voyager cast mates?
      Roxann Dawson: I try to. I talk often with Bob Picardo, who I adore.

    • Reporter: Are you aware if there are any Voyager movies in the making?
      Roxann Dawson: No, no, no. I get asked this a lot. No, no, no.

    • (Speaking of Star Trek: Voyager)
      Roxann Dawson: I did break a door on the set once, and the production was not too pleased with me.

    • Reporter: In which medium do you prefer to direct?
      Roxann: Well, right now I'm loving directing for film. I think directing in the theater is a whole other kind of thing.

    • Reporter: What do you think the legacy of Voyager will be?

      Roxann: I hope that people will watch the reruns and will discover it later on and fall in love with these characters that we've fallen in love with.

    • Reporter: Are you glad that you can finally cast off B'Elanna's makeup?

      Roxann: That's the only thing I will not miss from this show--the makeup was very uncomfortable and restricting.

    • Reporter: Are you satisfied with where your character ended her journey in the finale?

      Roxann: I think that's what's wonderful about it, is characters don't end life. You meet somebody and then you walk away from them, and you know they've got a future and that they'll be moving on and living their life and doing something else.

    • Reporter: How do you feel about your work on Star Trek?

      Roxann: I couldn't be more grateful. I've got a most amazing family, and I'm able to do the thing that I love doing. Star Trek has afforded me some amazing, amazing opportunities, and I will always be grateful, really.

    • Reporter: How did you start directing?

      Roxann: Well, I've always wanted to direct, and I approached them very early on about wanting to learn how and my producers graciously opened their doors to allow me to learn.

    • Reporter: Do you prefer acting, writing, or directing?
      Roxann Dawson: Probably the most creative thing for me at the moment is directing