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Roxette was founded in 1987 by Marie Fredriksson and Per Gessle.

Name: Marie Fredriksson.
Born: May 30th 1958 in Astra Ljungby, Sweden.
Family: Married to Micke Bolyos, children Josefin, 9 and Oscar, 5

Name: Per Håkan Gessle.
Born: January 12th 1959 in Halmstad, Sweden.
Family: Married to Åsa, 42, the son Gabriel, 5.

Before the two founded Roxette, both had already successful careers. Per Gessle made several solo albums, made two Albums with his first band Pers Garage and he was also member of his band Gyllene Tider. Marie Fredriksson toured with several bands and did also a solo album.
The idea that they get together came up for a song contest in television. But they weren't members of the contest, they were the special surprise, because both were very popular at this time. Their performance together was so successful, that they decided that they could make a album together. So they recorded Pearls of Passion, an album Per wrote for himself. They released the album in 1986. In Sweden it was a really big success. Two years later they made their break through with their album Look Sharp!. With their next album Joyride came the big breakthrough even in the US and Japan.
In 1992 came the fallow up of their big success Joyride, the album called Tourism. It couldn't top the success of Joyride, but even though they got very successful in South America and especially in South Africa. After that they did another big world tour. So they released in some selected countries the compilation Rarities. In the same year they released their next album Crah! Boom! Bang!. It was a big success again, especially in Europe and South Africa.
before they took a time out after that they released their first greatest hits collection Don't bore us - get to the chorous!
After that both wanted a time out and they followed their own projects for the next two years. Marie made some solo albums and Per get back together with Gyllene Tider and did also some solo work.
In 1996 they were back with their album called Baladas en Espanol, a very beautiful collection of spanish ballads. Some songs were new, others were translated. Now with that very mature album and the absolute superstar status Roxette decided to stay together, but slow down their work. So their next album came out in 1999 with Have a nice day. This album couldn't fallow their biggest success Joyride, but still they were very successful with it. So their next album was Room Service in 2001. This is the first album where they changed their major style of their music.
In 2003 they released two best of compilations. The first one was The Ballad Hits where all their soft songs, the ballads were released. The second one was The Pop Hits were all their typical power pop songs were released. In the same year they released all their videos on DVD.

Roxette is currently taking a break again, but with the serious illness of Marie the chances that they ever will release an album again aren't very high, even both told that they might come back together. In the time since then Per and Marie went back to their own projects. Per even celebrated the 25 year anniversary of his band Gyllene Tider.

Roxette became so successful with their very own sound with their very simple guitar sound and their simple lyrics, basically Per writes, but Marie always goes over them and even writes some too. They already produce themselves, but now their own label RoxetteRocords produces also other artists, basically in Sweden.