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    • Per Gessle was a member of a another popular band, before Roxette. The band was called Gyllene Tider (Golden Times) and they sang in Swedish.

    • In 1990 they won the Golden Europe Award.

    • They won a Grammy for Best Pop Group in 1990.

    • The nickname of Marie is Majsan the one of Per is Pelle.

    • Roxette is Marie Fredriksson and Per Gessle. Although they always have a band with them, they aren't part of Roxette.

    • In an interview they once sad that they want be be more successful than ABBA. They couldn't reach that level with Roxette, but when you cont their solo albums and projects with their other music groups together, Per and Marie as well - both sold more CDs than ABBA or any of it's members combined.

    • The name Roxette has it's origin in a lyric written by Dr. Feelgood.

    • Although neither Per and Marie speak Spanish they released an entire album in Spanish. The album Baladas En Espanol was a huge success especially in South America. After that success in 1996 they released their album Have a nice day in English and Spanish in 1999.

    • Their biggest success was the album Joyride witch sold over 10 million times all over the world. When released, the album went straight to the all time top 100. In the mean time it fell out of that again.

    • Their single It had must been Love witch featured the Pretty Woman Soundtrack was sold over 9 million times!
      The song was originally called It Must Have Been Love (Christmas For The Broken Hearted). It was edited for the soundtrack.

    • In 2002 the doctors diagnosed a brain tumor by Marie. She had a successful surgery. In 2004 she released the album Chances where she processed the time of her illness.

    • In 2003 the band received the Royal Medal with Blue Ribbon by the Swedish King Carl Gustaf XIV.

    • In 1999 their music video Anyone was banned form TV, because of some suicide contents.

    • The concert in 1995 in South Africa was one of the biggest in the history of the country South Africa. Over 250,000 people were at this concert in Johannesburg.
      Also their big China concert in the same year had over 300,000 visitors.

    • They sold over one million CDs over McDonald's in 1994. It was a reduced version of Crash! Boom! Bang! and had the title Favorites from Crash! Boom! Bang!

    • In 1993 they were the first non English speaking band that was invited to do an MTV Unplugged.

    • See the profile of Roxette over at

    • Roxette was certified with two platinum albums by the RIAA for their albums Look sharp and Joyride in 1989 and 1991.

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