Roy Dupuis

Roy Dupuis


4/21/1963, New Liskeard, Ontario, Canada

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Roy was born on April 21st 1963, and from the age of 3 months was brought up in Amos in the Abitibi region of Quebec, Canada. At the age of 11 the family moved to Kapuskasing, Ontario where he first learned to speak English. His parents were divorced…more


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    • Roy: I played cello for 7 years. When I was 11 years old, my parents moved to another town. There was no teacher there, those sever years were almost forgotten.

    • Roy: Lamb is my favorite meat. I like lobsters, good French fries, sushi. I like alot of things, I like diversity... in everything, even in music.

    • Roy: I have a small dog that I bought when I was living with one of my girlfriends. I found a young German shephard, about a year and a half old. He was beat up, I took care of him and he stayed. I've had him almost two years. He's amazing. He's not agressive at all. His name is Hasard - it means if something between accident and chance.

    • Roy (on Marlon Brando): I met him this summer and he is very generous. A funny man. He's a God... a father for everyone.

    • Roy: I like to listen to music, read, have some friends over. And I like to cook. And I feed birds. I like to watch them. Watch over my dogs. Work on my house.

    • Roy: Marriage comes from religion, so you can make love to a woman under the eyes of God. Today it's like a contract, politically and economically. I do not feel the need to bring a realtionship down to a peice of paper. I mean, I can be faithful; I am faithful when I love. Love is more important than marriage for me. I stay with the person I love.

    • Roy: Love scenes are always touchy, it is always hard to do. The woman is pretty, it makes it easier. You take your clothes off, and you are shy, and then three hours later, you are going around naked on the set.

    • Roy: Maurice Richard appeared and he became the best in the world, the most exiting player, the most interesting athlete to watch. And so, he inspired a pride at the time, then he was prevented to accomplish what he had to do. So, it was like cutting the tree from its roots for all the French Canadians of that time. (about Maurice Richard)

    • Roy: We went to Maurice's home, the first time I met him. Then Robert said this to me: "Don't worry, he doesn't speak much". But in the end, he and I didn't stop chattering. (from The Maurice Richard film interview, 23. october 2005.)

    • Roy: Thank you for all you've given me. I accept it and I'm learning how to handle it. (after winning Metrostars best actor award, 1992)

  • Roy Dupuis,brilliant actor,first class cello player,pianist,boat tirelessly for the Rivers foundations,Mira.What more can I say.

    This man is greatly underated here in England.Unless you tuned into La Femme Nikita, Roy Dupuis(Micheal) would be unknown.I tuned in and I am glad I did.Since watching Nikita I have bought series 1,2,3,and await with anticipation Series 4 and 5.I have all of his films as his talent for showing deep emotions is incredible.I am quite a mature lady,with three grown up daughters and I have watched a lot of leading men over the years but this actor has a special quality of softness and innocence about him.Come on ENGLAND wake up.You dont know what your missing.moreless