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Roz Ryan

Roz Ryan


7/7/1951, Detroit Michigan

Birth Name

Rosalyn Bowen


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Roz Ryan has entertained and delighted audiences for more than 35 years as an actress, singer, recording artist, voice over talent, nightclub, and concert performer.

From the hottest night spots throughout the Midwest and Coast to Coast, from Broadway to the fabulous Las Vegas Strip to the…more


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  • I really enjoy her acting.

    I have really only heard of her in the Marvolas Misadventures of Flapjack as the voice of Bubbie the blue whale fish. I think that her voice is very strong, deep, and powerful. She adds sencitivity and warmth to the show and makes the show worth watching. If anyone has ever watched the show they will know that at times the show gets really crazy and some times so gross that it is hard to watch but Roz Ryan's character Bubbie and her great voice acting bring life to the show and at times save the show. My least favorite episodes are the ones that she is not in.moreless