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    Its sad how different people from different race couldn't get along.I mean having sex with somebody you barely know.Kissing on somebody you barely know.You know you are away from home.And you are in a relationship with another person.Then you come on the show in get with another person the same day you got there.Then you call your girlfriend or boyfriend and break the bad news to them.And expect them to be fine with it.Then you living in a house with other people in the house is nasty.You supposed to clean up behind yourself.Vanessa getting drunk in laying on the soaf with no clothes on just a blanket around her.Then she throws up and say she don't care.Taking people stuff because they didn't cook or give you food.Crystal is stupid when she became fallon friend.Because Fallon didn't like Crystal in the first place.The only reason her in Crystal became friends was because Fallon was liking J.T.Knowing J.T and Ideshia had hook up.Then Vanessa got her butt beat by Crystal thats what she got.Vanessa knew when she wrote that rap it was for Crystal.Then when they was playing that truth or dare in Crystal took off her clothes in jump in the pool that said a lot about her.The pretties girl in the house was Vanessa.I didn't think any of the guys were cute.When Willy slept with his date the first date that said something about both of them.And when they had to take a H.I.V test Fallon was the only one who didn't.This show was a trip.
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