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    Pairs Hilton goes to jail.I hope she learn her lesson.She a beautiful young women.Pairs have enough money to hire her a driver when she wants to go out and get blast.To me Pairs still have room to grew.She still a baby.Pairs sometimes you need to stay at your mansion and enjoy it.Life is so much more then just partying and being another pretty face.Show people that you're a intelligent girl.But really Pairs you can do anything you want because you don't have kids.And you're not marriage.If I say bad things to you its not going to help you.Its going to make you go out in do the same things you been doing.When you look back at your younger life you might regret some of the things you did.This is going to away be apart of your bioautograpy.You just not embrassing your self but your family to.They let you out of jail and put you on house arrest.Then the judge told them to go get you and put you back.Because its not fair to everybody else who have to do there full time.I wish you all the best in the world.Your fan Toyata
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