Ruben Studdard

Ruben Studdard


9/12/1978, Frankfurt, West Germany

Birth Name

Christopher Ruben Studdard


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Ruben Studdard is a well known American pop/R&B/gospel singer who rose to fame by beating out Clay Aiken to win the second season of American Idol.


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  • He's okay, but nothing special.

    Ruben Studdard was the winner of American Idol Seasaon 2. Season 2 was my least favorite season. Him, Fantasia, and Taylor are the AI winners that I don't really like. He is my 4th favorite Idol after Kelly, Carrie, and Jordin. He appeared in the Season 6 finale and sung You're All I Need To Get By with Jordin Sparks. I love that song, and they did pretty good. I don't have his CD and I'm not planning on getting it. Trenyce should have won Season 2. After she was gone, I wanted Clay to win, but he didn't. Oh well.moreless
  • Ruben Studdard is a highly talented person. I enjoyed his appearence in American Idol.

    When i was watching TV i flip to the channels constantly wondering what is on. I come across American Idol. Seriously i thought this year (Year 2) would be a total flook. But i guess not.... I was going to give this show atleast 2 weeks. Turned out to be a obsession lol. I listen to Rubens voice EVERY week and it is such a caress sensation to my ears. I love the songs that he re-did. He did it in such a manner that he made it his own. Made it sound so original. I would have gave him a 10 if he kept it up after the show. Only defect. But that doesnt effect much.moreless