Rubens Barrichello

Rubens Barrichello


5/23/1972, San Paulo, Brazil

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Rubens Barrichello


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His career in Formula One started when was signed by the Jordan team in 1993 and made his debut in the South African Grand Prix. In 1994 he got his first podium ever with the Jordan team at the Pacific Grand Prix at TI Aida and went on…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Rubens set a new record as the longest-serving driver in Formula One history when he competed in the 2008 Turkish GP, beating Italian driver Riccardo Patrese's record.

    • Rubens revealed in April 2008 that he had received an offer to see out his long motor racing career in America, after having been asked to run with the Andretti-Green IndyCar team in 2009.

    • The engines Rubens has raced with in F1 are as follows:
      Hart 3.5 V10 (1993)
      Hart 3.5 V10 (1994)
      Peugeot 3.0 V10 (1995)
      Peugeot 3.0 V10 (1996)
      Ford Zetec-R 3.0 V10 (1997)
      Ford Zetec-R 3.0 V10 (1998)
      Ford Cosworth CR-1 3.0 V10 (1999)
      3000 Ferrari (Type 049) (2000)
      3000 Ferrari (Type 050) (2001)
      3000 Ferrari (Type 050) (2002)
      3000 Ferrari (Type 051) (2002)
      3000 Ferrari (Type 052) (2003)
      3000 Ferrari (Type 053) (2004)
      3000 Ferrari (Type 054) (2005)
      Honda RA806E (2006)
      Honda RA807E (2007)

    • The chassis Rubens has raced with in F1 are as follows:
      Jordan 193 (1993)
      Jordan 194 (1994)
      Jordan 195 (1995)
      Jordan 196 (1996)
      Stewart SF1 (1997)
      Stewart SF2 (1998)
      Stewart SF3 (1999)
      Ferrari F1-2000 (2000)
      Ferrari F2001B (2001)
      Ferrari F2001 (2001)
      Ferrari F2002 (2002)
      Ferrari F2001B (2002)
      Ferrari F2003-GA (2003)
      Ferrari F2002 (2003)
      Ferrari F2004 (2004)
      Ferrari F2004M (2005)
      Honda RA106 (2006)
      Honda RA107 (2007)

    • The teams Rubens has raced for in F1 are as follows:
      Sasol Jordan (1993)
      Sasol Jordan (1994)
      Total Jordan Peugeot (1995)
      Benson and Hedges Jordan Peugeot (1996)
      Steward Ford (1997), Steward Ford (1998)
      Steward Ford (1999)
      Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro (2000)
      Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro (2001)
      Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro (2002)
      Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro (2003)
      Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro (2004)
      Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro (2005)
      Lucky Strike Honda Racing F1 Team (2006)
      Honda Racing F1 Team (2007)

    • Rubens wants to wear a special helmet livery when he becomes the most experienced F1 driver of all time in 2008. At present, the statisticians are still split as to where exactly when he will surpass Riccardo Patrese's record of 256 GPs. The official number gets hazy, when non-starts such as Imola in 1994, when he was injured in practice, and Belgium 1998, where he failed to take the re-start after a huge start-line pileup, are factored in.

    • In July 2007 it was revealed Rubens had signed a further one-year contract to remain with the Honda Racing F1 team in 2008 - despite being yet to score a single point in the 2007 season.

    • Rubens tried out a new 'black' helmet during qualifying at Monaco. Rubens copied the idea from Nick Heidfeld in applying a special-technology coating to his helmet that reveals his usual livery colours as the temperature rises, but in the cool Monaco conditions, Rubens' helmet stayed almost jet-black throughout the qualifying session.

    • Following Michael Schumacher's retirement at the end of the 2006 season, Rubens became the most experienced driver on the F1 grid. At the start of the 2007 season, Rubens had 233 starts, ranking him third all-time behind Riccardo Patrese (256) and Michael Schumacher (249).

    • In December 2006, Rubens was invited by Ferrari F1 driver Felipe Massa to participate in a kart race in the south of Brazil. Rubens joined fellow F1 drivers, Tiago Monteiro, Tonio Luizzi, Robert Doornbos, Ricardo Zonta and Nelson Piquet Jr at the 'International Stars Challenge'. The event took place at the 'Kartodromo Internacional dos Ingleses', located 700km south of Sao Paulo, and also boasted famous names including Jean Alesi, Enrique Bernoldi, Antonio Pizzonia, Luciano Burti, Tarso Marques and Tony Kanaan.

    • Rubens offered fans the chance to design a special helmet livery that he wore in the 2006 Brazilian GP.

    • Rubens lists his favorite possessions as his two children.

    • Rubens is a big Tiger Woods fan and would love the chance to meet him one day.

    • Before moving to Honda and using Michelin tyres, Rubens only used Bridgestones and got an award for using Bridgestone tyres for the longest time.

    • Rubens' nickname is Rubinho.

    • Rubens' golf handicap is an impressive 10.

    • Each year, Rubens competes in the Granja Viana 500 Mile Race in São Paulo.

    • Rubens' hobbies include golf, karts and playing videogames. He also enjoys playing tennis with friends.

    • As at 2007, Rubens resides in Monaco with his family.

    • As at end 2007 Rubens has participated in 253 GPs.
      As at end 2007 Rubens has finished 165 F1 GPs.
      As at end 2007 Rubens has been on the F1 podium 61 times.
      As at end 2007 Rubens has finished in the points 110 times.
      As at end 2007 Rubens has had 85 retirements from F1 races.
      As at end 2007 Rubens has won 9 F1 GPs.
      As at end 2007 Rubens has had 13 F1 pole positions.
      As at end 2007 Rubens has had 15 fastest laps in F1 GPs.
      As at end 2007 Rubens has had 5 doubles (pole position & win).
      As at end 2007 Rubens has had 2 triples (pole position, win & fastest lap).

    • Rubens is married to Silvana and they have two sons, Eduardo (b. 2001) and Fernando (b. 2005).

    • Rubens achieved his first F1 win at the 2000 German GP, in his first year in the Ferrari team.

    • Rubens moved to Ferrari in 2000 as the team's second driver, replacing Eddie Irvine.

    • Rubens had his best season in Formula One at Stewart in 1999, with 3 podium finishes and finishing 7th in the Drivers' Championship.

    • Rubens got his first podium finish in 1994, at the Pacific GP at Ti Aida.

    • Rubens made his Formula One debut at the South African GP in 1993, racing for the Jordan team.

  • Quotes

    • Rubens: (in 2008) It's [his Formula 1 career] closer to the end than it is to the beginning definitely, but I love my family so much that if it wasn't for the speed and the fun that I get from driving I would have stayed home already. This year may be the final one left on my contract, but I'm not planning to stop just yet. I think I have at least another couple of years left in me. I'm still in love with the sport, and for as long as I have that I have no reasons to stop.

    • Rubens: (after beating Patrese's record for the number of GP starts) I'm very honoured because Patrese was one of my childhood heroes. I'm very proud to take over his record. It's funny, but it's like the beginning for me. If I stay in Brazil too long I tend to start overdriving the car on the road. I miss driving in F1 when I'm away from it - it burns inside my stomach - so it's 16 years with pleasure!

    • Rubens: (on his 2007 season) It was a terrible year, but I was at peace with myself. I didn't score points because of small, silly mistakes during the year. It was much more difficult to score in the Jordan in '93 [his first year in F1], but I did and points were only given to the top six back then. We all learned some quite difficult lessons and knew everything had to change a bit.

    • Rubens: (following the news he would remain with Honda for the 2008 season) 2007 has been tough so far but I believe we are heading in the right direction again. In addition to the great team we have already, there are some good new people coming on board and I have confidence that we will make progress now. Jenson and I have a great relationship together as team-mates and stability will be key as we look forward to the challenge of 2008. For now though, we have eight races remaining and that is where our focus lies.

    • David Coulthard: (criticising drivers including Rubens and Nico Rosberg for 'just taking' from their sport) Michael has taken a lot but he's given a lot too. I've taken less, and given less, but I've certainly given. There are others who just take. An example is Rubens. I've raced against him for years and years, and he's a nice guy, and talented, but he just turns up, does his race and buggers off. The GPDA is the only route via which they can influence their sport and yet they don't seem to want to know. I just can't imagine why anyone wouldn't want to be active in the only forum via which he can increase the likelihood of his going home safe and sound at the end of a day spent caning one of the 22 fastest cars in the world around a race track. So when someone like Nico says he isn't ready, well, that's bollocks.

    • Rubens: (developing an unique braking setup at Ferrari, Rubens criticises the Honda car's inferior traction control system) They didn't want to change the system. Besides, you know, you can't just arrive in a new team and start beating your fists on the table to impose your will. Now that I'm more accustomed, I can do that.

    • Rubens: (criticising Honda's work ethics) Here we do too much PR and we think too little about driving. I'm fighting to change this situation.

    • Rubens: (asked what talent he would like to have) I would like to play sports better. I'm a good golfer but I'm crap at football and volleyball and things like that. My father is good at almost every sport that he does – except he doesn't drive as fast as I do!

    • Rubens: (on about what frightens him) Violence. When you are a kid you want to show off and maybe you use it, but now guns and violence and wars – I hate them.

    • Rubens: I had a Honda CB400 when I was 12 that I used to ride at the Interlagos track which was just over the road from our house. My father told me always wear a helmet and only ride the bike at Interlagos. He took it away from me for six months once because he caught me riding it to school.

    • Rubens: I passed my road car test on the first go. For a motorbike it was the first one as well – but I drove big bikes since I was 12.

    • Rubens: What I love most when I am in Brazil is to order some food on the phone and be with my family at home.

    • Rubens: (on his least favorite GP) Imola. It is still very heavy for me. All the time anything is related to Ayrton or to my own accident there, it takes me back. I'm more tired on the Sunday after Imola than any other grand prix.

    • Rubens: (on his favorite GP tracks) I love going to Canada – it's one of my favorites – and Melbourne as well. They both have a much more relaxed atmosphere than the European events. I love going to those two races.

    • Rubens: (on his ex Ferrari teammate, Michael Schumacher) I would call him a friend, even if we don't telephone each other daily.

    • Rubens: (on his Honda teammate, Jenson Button) I'm very happy with the Jenson situation. We're joint number ones, which is one of the reasons I came to this team. We have quite a good relationship already. If everything goes as we think it can, then this team will win races.

    • Rubens: (after struggling with the new car at Honda) I am continuing to learn with every day that I spend with the team and am very happy with the progress that we have made over the last two weeks.

    • Rubens: (on Honda's world championship chances in 2007) I am very happy because I think now the team has a true chance of becoming world champions.

    • Rubens: (after announcing he had just signed a contract with Honda for the '06 season, Rubens had this to say about Ferrari) It would be a lack of respect to stop now and say okay, I don't care any more what's happening to Ferrari.

    • Rubens: (on his ambitions after joining the Honda team in 2006) My target remains winning the drivers' title and to achieve that I felt that I needed a renewed motivation.

    • Rubens: (on the reintroduction of tyre changes and the new qualifying format for 2007) I think that the pit-stops were, to a certain extent, good for Formula One because you could do something with the strategy. But with the 2005 tyre regulations we thought that people would be struggling at the end of the race and that people would be overtaking, but it did not happen because the cars are difficult to overtake in and the tracks do not make it easy either. So whenever we had problems with the tyres, in Monaco for example, there was no overtaking, so you slow down, 3 seconds go off the pace, and so I guess that the changes had to be made. But I do not like to see changes all the time, it is good to have consistency.