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Ruby Gettinger

Ruby Gettinger


1/24/1975, Portugal

Birth Name

Ruby Gettinger



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Ruby gettinger
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Ruby is a Reality TV star with a show on the Style network called Ruby which follows Ruby's life as she documents her weight loss.


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    • Ruby Gettinger: (On how it feels to know she has inspired people to change their lives) People come up to me, and they tell me that they've lost 40 pounds, they've lost 80 pounds, and they say: "Because of you, I'm walking now; I'm riding a bike." And I'm sitting there looking at them, and I'm thinking, "They're inspiring me to keep going on."

      People ask me, "Where do you find the strength to do this?" I started realizing we all have the strength to do it. When people tell me, "Because of you I've lost…" I say, "No, you're doing this. You may be watching me, and I may have given you the push, but you are the one doing this. I'm not with you every single day. You've got the strength - you start giving yourself credit, because you're doing this."

    • Ruby Gettinger: (On how her weight loss affected her sleep apnea) I don't wake up anymore feeling like I'm going to die, so that's amazing. But you want to know the most amazing thing? I can get in the bathroom of an airplane now. I was on a flight from New York to L.A. I opened the bathroom door and was like, "There's no way." But I walked right in. I could not believe it! I closed the door. Before I lost weight, I could not even fit through the width of the door. Honey, you would have thought I just won the lottery. I was the happiest girl ever.

    • Ruby Gettinger: (On if she has more energy now that she has lost lots of weight) Oh my gosh, I've never ever moved around as much as I move around now. I love it. I'm on the recumbent bike, and I'm doing it 30 minutes straight, and I say, "This is not challenging me enough."

      [Before] I couldn't have even walked five minutes - I mean, I couldn't even breathe. I've become an outdoorsy girl. I also love boxing. If you find what you love, you're going to do it, and you're not going to stop doing it.

    • Ruby Gettinger: (On if she feels great physically now that she has lost lots of weight) Oh my gosh, yes. One of the biggest lessons I've learned is that eating right and exercising will change your health. It really, really will. I had diabetes, but my doctor said I don't need any medication now. My heart is now coming down to a normal-sized heart. Is that not amazing?

    • Ruby Gettinger: (On what is means to be addicted to food) Food is everywhere. It's in church, at the movies, and at every social event you go to. I don't care if they have celery and carrots out, you know there's cheese right there, too, and chips and stuff like that. And that's what I liked to eat.

      When I first started the diet, I was furious because I literally had headaches for the first two weeks. I was shaking. I went from snack eating - candy and chips - to eating meals. It took me almost three months for everything to kick in.

      Now I crave things like fish. This is the girl that would never put real fish in her mouth at all. I never ate vegetables. Now I eat things like broccoli and asparagus. Everything you could think of that's good for you, I'm eating it.

    • Ruby Gettinger: (On advice for anyone going through the same situation she is in) I would tell them two things: start today, not tomorrow. I don't care what your addiction is or if it's a dream, do not wait for tomorrow because it'll never come or it'll come 10/15 years later and you'll have wasted so much of your life and your dreams.

      Start today: whatever the problem is - start fixing it today. Go to the root of the problem - go to the mental because that's the first place you need to look.

    • Ruby Gettinger: (On the biggest moment for her on the first season of her reality TV series "Ruby") I think the unexpected part of it is going to see a therapist. I've never remembered anything about my childhood, from before I was 13.

    • Ruby Gettinger: (On her weight loss journey) It is, it's also about friendship - it's not a depressing story. You'll see me getting emotional but if I were to put it in words I'd say that it's a happy show about friends - getting together, supporting each other.

    • Ruby Gettinger: (On Director Kevin Smiths removal from a Southwest Airlines flight) This kind of stuff should be taken care of in private before someone like me or Kevin enters a plane,... ...We need to remember that we may have different shells, but we are still the same on the inside.

    • Ruby Gettinger: (On her fourth season of her Reality TV series "Ruby") I call this my 'crossover season' because of how blind I was to myself. Even eating healthy food, if you don't take care of the reasons why you're eating, the healthy food can become an addiction, and you eat too much of the healthy food.

    • Ruby Gettinger: (On what she would like to talk President Obama about) I have so many ideas,... ...I have a program in my head that I want to go over with the president, because they talk about money and cost of things and that has a lot to do with obesity and health issues. I have to get to him. It will save the economy. It will save the American people. People are dying from this.

    • Ruby Gettinger: (On how she got started with her Reality TV series "Ruby") I was watching Oprah and there were these women on her show - I've struggled with being overweight since I was 13. The women on her show were like 350 pounds and at the time I was 715 pounds/318 kg.

      They were talking about how they can't lose weight, how it's the biggest struggle for them, that they never go out with their friends and family because society doesn't accept them.

      I was so sad for them because I live my life no matter what weight I am but I knew what they were talking about. I know how people can be cruel, especially strangers out there, so I said to my friends: "I want y'all to follow me around with a camera so I can find out the problem to all this ... I want to find out the truth: is it physical, mental, emotional, spiritual?"

      I was going to call it The Truth Will Set You Free - follow myself going through it and then when I'd reached my goal, show it to the world. My friend Brittany from LA saw me doing this, she told a producer friend of hers who talked to somebody at Style - they approached me and said: "We really love what you're doing, we see your vision, we would love to follow you."

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