Rude Jude

Rude Jude


9/25/1977, Pontiac,Michigan

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Jude is from Michigan.
He attended Oakland Community College in Auburn Hills,MI.
He said he was studying "Elementary Education" so he could "pick up some single mothers"!
Jude had a radio show at Oakland,but he was kicked off for being "bad".
Jude has an 8-yr-old daughter.
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  • i just wanted to let y all know that the track that rude jude done with the late and great PROOF mum and dad is fantastic to be found on PROOFS album searching for jerry garcia if ya dont all have it buy itmoreless

    I have never heard of rude jude before i heard him on PROOFS album but he has great flow so i am now looking out for some tracks of his to add to my ever expanding rap collection it as in the song "Mum and Dad " which is an excellent track he keeps the youngsters in line with the line "dont do drugs" lol listen to the rest of the song and tell me do ya think he follows the advice that him and PROOF gave out now im gonna go add rude judes pic to my website as another rapper who knows how to want u getting more just a pity PROOF wasnt around to see all that happening he was lucky to have met and had the chance to lay down a track with PROOF who will always be sadly missed andrea xxmoreless