Rue McClanahan





2/21/1935 , Healdton, Oklahoma, USA



Birth Name

Eddi Rue McClanahan




Rue McClanahan, born February 21, 1935 in Healdton, Oklahoma, is best known for her role as Blanche on the American television series The Golden Girls. Rue's career did not begin in film, but rather on the stage. The Erie Playhouse in Pennsylvania cast Rue in her first role for the play Inherit the Wind in 1957 after which she acted in off-Broadway plays until her debut in the 1969 opening of Jimmy Shine in which she portrayed Sally Weber opposite Dustin Hoffman. It was not until 1970 that her notoriety as an actress began to grow while she played Caroline in the television series Another World. From there her career truly began to take off, landing her roles in several television series, including The Golden Girls as well as Mama's Family. In 2008, Rue, along with Bea Arthur and Betty White, accepted the Pop Culture Award for the series The Golden Girls, adding another milestone to her career. She passed away June 3, 2010 after over a decade spent fighting many health issues from breast cancer to stroke.