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  • Love her

    She is so awesome as playing Blanche on The Golden Girls. She simply horny all the times.
  • Rue is a talent that has not been tapped enough. She nails the character every time.

    Rue is an actress that I wish we could see more of. She loves her craft, and gives it her all. In playing Blanche on the Golden Girls, she is so convincing, that one forgets it's just a character. I have followed her career ever since I was a little girl, she has always been a favorite of mine. She is beautiful, talented and witty beyond belief. She will appear next on HERE! Tv's "Ryan's Life". She plays a flamboyant grandmother who supports her gay grandson on his path to coming out. Must see tv if you love sassy, sexy Rue!
  • love her

    really the only show that I have watched on a regular basis with rue as a Star is Golden Girls, but she was such a perfect Blanche, that in my wildest imaganation I can't picture any one else playing that role, now I know she is a fellow animal lover, and I love her even more