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  • Rupert is the man.

    This guy is Blackbeard. He stole those shoes from Morgan and this man has got to be the most likable guy ever. Everyone loves Rupert, even Morgan and Drake. He got mad when Jonny wrote his name down. That fight was major and really bitter full of animosity. He performed so well at the challenges helping teams win and giving Morgan fish to eat as much as they want. He is caring and in All-Stars, his daughter is so cute and he got to see his wife. Balboa, was genius. Rupert finally won a million dollars on America's tribal council.
  • Best-loved Survior of all-time!!

    I think that out of all the Survivors
    From the twelve seasons the show has been on
    Rupert is by far, the most-beloved and all-time well-liked Survivor
    Despite the grumpiness he can display at times
    I think he is really a teddy bear
    Because of his love for children
    As well as love for the outdoors and the adventures
    Great that the viewers choosed to give him the million
    Way to go Rupert!