Rupert Evans

Rupert Evans


3/30/1977, Staffordshire, England

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Rupert Evans is an English actor who has performed on TV, in films and on the stage. Although his work is primarily in television, particularly costume dramas, his first film role was in 2004 as John Myers in Hellboy. Of his recent performances, he is particularly well known…more


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    • Rupert: I think to change the progression of nature, you're just kidding yourself. Go with it, always go with it. You can't fight gravity.

    • Rupert: I believe in the power of self-healing: positive thinking and listening to the body. I'm quite big on ashtanga yoga in the mornings. It wakes me up, warms me up, gets the brain flowing, yet calms me, too.

    • Rupert: I'm not a junk food fan at all. Coming from a farming background, having been to an abattoir, if people had actually seen that, they'd never eat fast food again.

    • Rupert: I have never, ever, counted calories. But then, I'm lucky. I can eat and eat. I have a very fast metabolism.

    • Rupert: I don't go to the gym, but I played a convict in a recent film about Guantanamo Bay and had to lose weight. I had a personal trainer. It was my first experience of the gym and I lost a lot of weight very quickly. I prefer to run outside or swim, though.

    • Rupert: I do moisturise. I'm happy to say that. I'm comfortable with admitting it.

    • Rupert: I do drink, probably a little more than the average.

    • Rupert: While doing King John at the Royal Shakespeare in Newcastle I got cut in the mouth by a sword and had to be rushed to hospital in full costume.

    • Rupert: I'm very accident-prone; I've had 200 stitches. I've been through windows, a car crash, and been attacked by a lion in Zimbabwe. I've been in hospital a lot.

    • Rupert: I grew up on a farm in the Midlands. I was always outside. I had my best ideas up trees. I love open wilderness and fresh air. Scotland's the last place where you can't hear a car, so I love it. I recommend the sleeper train to Fort William to anyone; it's very romantic.

    • Rupert: I'm the black sheep of the family. I go off and do strange things and act in strange places. My parents didn't see that coming; I suppose they thought I'd do something more normal with my life, but, thankfully, they're very supportive.

    • Rupert: My mum keeps me on the straight and narrow. Mums are good at that.

    • Rupert: I'm probably a relationship guy. I wish I was a rogue, but I'm not very good at all that Casanova stuff.

    • Rupert: It's all a myth about films and female attention; I'm never mobbed by female fans. Mind you, I've just been filming 24/7 in Lithuania, so not much opportunity for attracting the hordes.

    • Rupert: There is a little more interest in me now, which is great, but no one should ever take life too seriously. I just enjoy what I do.

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