Rupert Everett

Rupert Everett


5/29/1959, Norfolk, England, UK

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Rupert James Hector Everett


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Rupert Everett was born in 1959, in Norfolk. He has an older brother, Simon Anthony Cunningham Everett (b. 1956). His father was MajorAnthony Michael Everett and his mother was Sara MacLean, descendant of the baronets Vyvyan of Trelowarren and the German Schmieden barons. His colourful family tree shows…more


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    • Rupert: (on considering "dysfunctional" actors more interesting) You should be able to go off and have a breakdown or be a heroin addict, whatever it is, your particular problem of choice. That's what makes you an interesting actor, anyway. We're more interesting if we are dysfunctional.

    • Rupert: I was never allowed to go on to the next step. Because, I think in a trophy business, you can maybe be black but you can't, definitely not yet, be gay. Hollywood's a trophy business and you're better off being 'straight'. But what was I going to do if I was gay in secret, sitting in my flat?

    • Rupert: Unfortunately, I am single, yes, but I'm too exhausted for anything else and being gay is a young man's game.

    • Rupert: I don't have any sperm left. If I stop taking the pills, all my hair will fall out, but I would rather have hair than sperm.

    • Rupert: It is to their credit that these women are mad and tough and incredible. Sharon Stone is an extraordinary character, extremely intelligent, totally controlling, really fun but... unhinged. And that's kind of fabulous.

    • Rupert: (on his heterosexual affairs) I was basically adventurous, I think I wanted to try everything.

    • Rupert: I am mystified by my heterosexual affairs - but then I am mystified by most of my relationships.

    • Rupert: English actors are treated like immigrants - they're a gypsy race. They go where the work is and there's never been much work in England. They're treated very badly.

    • Rupert: I have nothing to complain about... except maybe people wondering if a queen like me can butch-it-up enough to play a convincing straight man.

    • Rupert: Hollywood is a place that pretends it's very liberal but it's not remotely. It's like Al-Qaeda.

    • Rupert: After a certain age you can be gay (in Hollywood). Before that it's not only not good. It's impossible.

    • Rupert: ("there" referring to Hollywood) The treatment of women there is quite extraordinary. If you compare being a 70 year old woman to a 70 year old man, the old woman will maybe get to play a grandmother. The old man will do a film with a 20 year old girl (opposite him).

    • Rupert: Most films nowadays are made by 20-30 executives who attack the writing and change everything. You can do much less in a film now than you could in the 1970s because the stakes are so high.

    • Rupert: One of the great things about getting older is that unemployment becomes more and more fun.

    • Rupert: I'm a sex machine to both genders. It's all very exhausting. I need a lot of sleep.

    • Rupert (on Julia Roberts in "My Best Friend's Wedding"): Julia smelt vaguely of sweat, which I thought was very sexy. There is a male quality to the female superstar.