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    This guy couldn't act his way out of a paper bag. His career will end with Harry Potter, and when all the obsessive fan girls lose interest in him he'll be forgotten. He'll be the Corey Feldman of this generation.

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    i totally DISAGREE with you I think he is better than daniel radcliffe actually he is very flexible actor. come to thnk of it when he is told to act to be funny he could make you cry or feel bad for him. he is very good actor and A VERY DOWN TO EARTH ACTOR!, he is the only actor i've senn among the trio that fame has not got in to his head. he is shy and cute too he is so adorable and she is not act as if he is perefect he is so real. One of the best actor. come to think of it daniel radcliffe acting in HP should always be serious and emma to be serious and know it all but when you lokk at rupert's character he has to be funny and he has to make the viewer feel sad for him. he gives justice with his characters to portray.
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