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  • If there is one child (now adult) actor who stands out as being the most talented of all the youngsters who have taken on the roles of the main characters in the 'Harry Potter' films, I think it is definitely Rupert Grint.

    While not taking anything away from Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Tom Felton or any of the others, it is my opinion that Rupert is, by far, the most skilled of all the actors in this acclaimed series of films. Not only is he, as Ron Weasley, very, very funny, but he also has the most marvellous and realistic range of facial expressions I have ever seen on a young actor. He can portray anything and convey whatever Ron is thinking or feeling just by moving his facial muscles. (Can anyone forget that hilarious scene in 'Goblet of Fire' when he was in shock after asking the stunning Fleur Delacour to the Yule Ball?) He also, in my opinion, makes Ron far more 'likeable' than J.K. Rolling has done in the books and that is a major credit to him as an actor.

    His work in 'Driving Lessons' was also excellent and, as long as he doesn't get forever typecast as Ron, I can see an excellent future for him.
  • Rupert Grint is the best

    Rupert Grint is the best Actor with Bonnie Wright,Dan iel Radcliffe,Evanna lynch and Tom Felton for me in Harry Potter.He has very much talent.I hope,that he has the best career after Harry Potter.
    He should get more Prices,too.I wish him very good luck.
    I don't see other Movies from him,but I heard,that he has 3 Movies in the Cinemas 2009,with Harry Potter.Mabye when Harry Potter ends,he get the most attention,this were really good,because he get not enough at the moment,only the other 2 from the Golden Trio and that is not fair and not good.
    Rupert you are cute,nice and the Best.
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    Hey, Rupert! Let me ask you something silly, speaking of you being a "comic relief". Have you and Daniel Radcliffe ever fought each other? When I say "fought" I mean have you two ever had like a fist fight? And if so, has it ever turned into a wrestling match where you pinned Daniel down and beat him up? Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! I'm sorry, but I had to say it!
  • Rupert Grint is awesome!

    I fell in love with Rupert Grint in the first Harry Potter movie and i've grown up with him in each movie. He is so funny, i love the expressions he uses in acting. I do think he is a little undervalued in all the trailers and interviews for harry potter but i'm glad he isn't a massive huge celebrity, makes me feel like i have a chance! haha. I also adore his accent, it is the best british accent ever. and He is totally individualised with the red hair. There is and never will be anyone ever like Rupert grint.
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    Rupert grint is an awesome actor and he is very hot.
    he is funny and does an amazing job of playing ron weasley in the harry potter films
  • He's my favorite character in Harry Potter.

    Rupert Grint was born in 1988 in England, which means he is an English actor. He is best known as playing the role of Ronald (Ron) Weasley in the Harry Potter movies. There are curently 5 out, but there will be 2 more. Ron is my favorite character in those movies. He's the one who makes me laugh the most. He has a little sister, twin older brothers and another older brother in the movie. They all have orange hair. Ron plays Harry's best friend along with Hermione (Emma Watson). I can't wait to see himin other stuff including the next HP movies!
  • I absolutely love him! He's a really great person who is very intriguing.

    Rupert is driven, hott, and an extraordinary actor. He's very funny, and intelligent. I love the character he plays in the Harry Potter series. Rupert is #1 in my top 10 list of my favorite actors of all time. I love the Harry Potter series(who doesn't?). He's just so talented. I give him a 10!
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    Rupert Grint is extrememly popular for playing Ron Weasley, one of Harry's best friends in the popular Harry Potter series. He pulls of his difficult to play character very well, his haircuts and looks have jut become a little annoying over the last 2 movies.
  • Very original!

    Rupert Grint is very good actor! And I know him of course from his role Ron Wesley in 'Harry Potter'! And I know him like very funny guy, with red hair! He is so young an dhe has amazing career! Lucky him! I just can't wait for 5th movie 'Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix', it goes out in 17 July 2006!!!
  • Famous Ron Weasly

    Rupert is well known for his role of Harry Potter's best clumsy & funny friend Ron (famous 'Harry Potter' books by Joan K. Rowlong). Ron is a clumsy, funny and cowardly friend of Harry, but he is also his best friend. Ron is in love with Hermione...
    Rupert is currently filming the 5th movie about Harry Potter, where he plays Ron.
  • cute+funny+superb actor..simply rox. i luv ronald weasley..i like his character a lil bit more than harry's.ron's more lively and funny..harry's ..i don't know ..quite,angry n stuff

    he plays the role of ronald weasley.the brave(hey! in the book they show him brave..u no he was gonna give up his life in the first year...but the movies ..they are just ruining this n he seems like a wuss in the movies!!!)and funny friend of harry potter.

    he sticks to harry and is proven to be a very faithful friend.i like ron a lot.
    that was about ron.
    but rupert just a fabulous actor n hez extremely cute...though his character ron's supposed to have freckles..rupert does'nt have even one freckle on his perfect face...he's a better actor than dan.on a scale of ten i would give rupert 10 for his acting.he's just turned 18...and i really wannna watch his movie "the driving lessons" .
  • Rupert Is AWESOME!

    Rupert Grint is so awesome! I love all the Harry Potter movies and with him in each one, makes it even better. He is one of my all-time favortie actors. He is also very, very, very talented and a very good actor. He so cool, its not even funny. =P But come on, I mean, who DOESN'T like him?! I think he a wonderful actor and is so great in all the Harry Potter films!! He's Great!!!
  • Plays Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter Films

    Rupert Grint has Played Ron Weasley in 4 out of the 7 Harry Potter movies, and like the other he has grown and changed in apperance with each movie, in the books Ron is more there for comic relief, and its a big part of his character, I think Rupert is great a Ron, he plays the character so well and really nails that comic, the fact that his fear of spiders are real when it came to filming those scenes in The Chamber of Secrets, made it even more convincing. Hopefully he will continue to play ron for the remaining movies.
  • Rupert Grint is a fabulous actor who is very handsome!

    Rupert Grint is a handsome young man who is most recognized as Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter films. Rupert is an amazing actor, and I have always found him to be very hilarious in the Harry Potter films. He does an excellent job playing the part of Ron! I love Rupert's sense of humor and he seems to be very friendly! I know we can all expect great things from him the future since his talents have already been seen in the Harry Potter films! Rupert is a fabulous person and you really should see his acting skills, since they are superior! Keep up the hard and great work Rupert!

  • Rupert Grint, Most people would not have a clue of who this guy is, but they would know his role he play's in all the Harry Potter films (so far, anyway) he play's Ron Wesley.

    In this new film Rupert was at this best. Plus with his hair so long he looked great, but for you how did not like the hair you will be please to know that he got it cut (longer than the 2nd film but shorter than the 3rd),

    All of my friends not like him, they all like Harry and Draco. Not me i cant wait to see his new film. The only thing is i cant find anything Ron everything is Harry

    I am a big Harry Potter fan, i hope that they dont change the actors to new ones that would just ruin everything.

    So what i am trying to say is i think he is the next big thing and thats he's hot!!!!!
  • Funniest actor I ever seen!

    Rupert Grint, what can I say about him? He is so funny! I love his character as Ron Weasley! Best role ever! I love the way he act! Even though he is not as famous as Dan, but he is working his way up! I hope to see more of him in the upcoming harry potter movie! I know that he is going to make a new movie this year. I cant wait! I think he will get the lead in this series! I wish him the best! Go Rupert! You are a great actor! keep up the good work! ^_^
  • Hello...

    Here is an amazing actor in the making, not to mention complete hottie! For those of you who think that he's been pigeonholed into his Ron Weasely character, I urge you to go and see 'Thunderpants!' Or the upcoming movie 'Driving Lessons' with the AMAZING Laura Linney. This is a young man to watch out for ladies hee hee!
  • WOW

    most people i know think hes a freak.. but he aint.
    he is a real talented actor, who is more well-known for his portral in Harry Potter and Ron. he fits rons descripton really well.. red hair and really tall. he should be in more films, and i think that his acting will contiue for many years. he is funny (you can tell that when he is on TV shows) and is caring. he brought a house for his family... i wouldnt have. then again its just me and my mum... and he is really cute. long live rupert grint
  • Rupert Grint

    Rupert Grint is one of the SEXIEST british males i've seen. He plays Ron so well and his added humor only makes the movies better. Usually during interviews, he is the most quiet one. I don't know why because I would love to know what he is thinking and his input on anything.
  • Rupert Grint is the best !

    Rupert Grint is one of the most handsomest person ive ever seen he has a unique funnyness to him he has strikingly gorgeous looks and a very sweet personality. He has great acting skills and i surely hope he and the full cast stay together through the whole series of the books !
  • He is talented

    He is talented and very charming. This 16 year old young actor has talent and alot of girls to chosse from lol :p He is very much like Ron Weasley the character he plays in the Harry Potter films. He hates spiders just like Ron and he has a big family just like Ron. I think thats part of what you have to do to be a good actor. I'm not saying that's all you have to do but a small portin of it! He is a lot less like Dan Radcliffe though because unlike him hes more of what a guy would akt like.
  • More widely know as Ronald Weasley of the Harry Potter films, Rupert just seems to be more than just his evergrowing red hair.

    Yes, the red hair IS sexy for this child actor that seems to be growing into his own. Even though his role of Ron Weasley may seem inferior compared to Daniel Radcliffe playing one Harry Potter, he brings in the spotlight with perfectly played over-dramatic roles. I'd love to meet him; many people probably do, but it is hard to capture the attention of a star who is quite stunning himself. Just watching him on the screen is good enough though, for he gives a heck of a performance. I have never seen a guy act like the perfect nancy, ninny, wuss, and pansy before, so if you haven't seen Rupert act, you are missing one heck of a show.