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  • If there is one child (now adult) actor who stands out as being the most talented of all the youngsters who have taken on the roles of the main characters in the 'Harry Potter' films, I think it is definitely Rupert Grint.

    While not taking anything away from Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Tom Felton or any of the others, it is my opinion that Rupert is, by far, the most skilled of all the actors in this acclaimed series of films. Not only is he, as Ron Weasley, very, very funny, but he also has the most marvellous and realistic range of facial expressions I have ever seen on a young actor. He can portray anything and convey whatever Ron is thinking or feeling just by moving his facial muscles. (Can anyone forget that hilarious scene in 'Goblet of Fire' when he was in shock after asking the stunning Fleur Delacour to the Yule Ball?) He also, in my opinion, makes Ron far more 'likeable' than J.K. Rolling has done in the books and that is a major credit to him as an actor.

    His work in 'Driving Lessons' was also excellent and, as long as he doesn't get forever typecast as Ron, I can see an excellent future for him.