Rupert Young

Rupert Young


5/16/1978, Lambeth, London, UK.

Birth Name

Rupert Francis Young


  • Sir Leon (Rupert Young) in the Merlin fi...
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  • Rupert Young plays Sir Leon in Merlin
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London born actor Rupert Young made his television debut in the UK miniseries Island at War in 2004, and ever since he's taken part in several plays and multiple tv shows like Doc Martin, Heartbeat, Primeval and Hotel Babylon, always in secondary roles guest starring for an episode.…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • After Merlin was over, Rupert was allowed to keep Sir Leon's cloak and chain mail together with a Camelot flag.

    • 2013 Public Appearances:
      -October 18-20, 2013: RingCon Fantasy Convention, Hotel Maritim Bonn, Germany.
      -June 21st-23rd, 2013: Supanova Expo, Sidney, Australia.
      -June 28th-30th, 2013: Supanova Expo, Perth, Australia.
      -May 25th, 2013: Collectormania Expo, MK Dons Stadium, Milton Keynes, UK.
      -March 16th, 2013: MCM Birmingham Comic Con, The NEC (National Exhibition Centre), Birmingham, UK.
      -January 23rd, 2013: National Television Awards, O2 Arena, London.

    • Charity:
      -December 2012: Rupert opened the Christmas fair at Godolphin and Latymer School in Hammersmith, London. It raised more than £30,000 for the school's fund, Lena Gardens Primary School, the Make-a-Wish Foundation and Whatever the Need.
      -November 2012: Rupert contributed with a doodled and signed cotton handkerchief for the 'Celebrity Hanky Doodle Auction' for the Silent Auction charity.

    • Rupert provided with audio commentaries for episode 4x02 The Darkest Hour Part 2 for the Merlin series 4 DVD box set and episode 5x03 The Death Song Of Uther Pendragon and episode 5x10 The Kindness of Strangers for the Merlin series 5 DVD box set.

    • Radio:
      -December 19th, 2010: The Royal Game radio play as The Interrogator, BBC Radio 3.

    • Music Videos:
      -2011: Worship's House of Glass as the boyfriend directed by Blake Claridge.

    • Advertising:
      -2013: 'Philadelphia Simply Stir' cooking sauce tv ad.
      -2009: 'Swisscom's Bluewin TV' tv ad as Sascha.

    • 2012 Public Appearances:
      -December 18th, 2012: Christmas fair at Godolphin and Latymer School, Hammersmith, London.
      -October 17th, 2012: Loserville musical, Garrick Theatre, London, UK.
      -July 22nd, 2012: Brush Up Your Sondheim by The Stephen Sondheim Society, Royal Academy of Music, London.
      -July 21st, 2012: Manchester MCM Expo, Manchester, UK.
      -May 20th, 2012: Soccer Six tournament, West Ham United FC, Upton Park, Newham, London.
      -March 31st, 2012: Birmingham MCM Expo, The Nec, Birmingham, UK.
      -January 25th, 2012: National Television Awards, O2 Arena, London.

    • Photoshoots:
      -October 2012: Marie-Claire Once, 'Upon A Time In Oddington' photoshoot. Photographer: Hana Knížová.
      -October 2011: Gay Times Magazine, issue number 398 ('The Issue'), 'The Knights of Merlin' photoshoot. Photographer: Leigh Keily.

    • Other:
      -SFX 2011 Christmas message.

    • 2011 Public Appearances:
      -October 13th, 2011: BBC Radio 1Xtra with Angel Coulby.
      -October 7th, 2011: Sam & Mark's Big Friday Wind-Up with with Merlin co-stars Angel Coulby and Eoin Macken.
      -October 1st, 2011: BBC Breakfast with Merlin co-stars Adetomiwa Edun, Colin Morgan, Eoin Macken, Katie McGrath and Tom Hopper.
      -September 18th, 2011: T4 with Merlin co-stars Eoin Macken and Tom Hopper.

    • Rupert is represented by Conway, Van Gelder & Grant, London.

    • 2010 Public Appearances:
      -November 30th 2010, Christmas Soiree in London.
      -November 26th 2010: ATP World Tour Finals at the O2 arena, London with Bradley James.
      -November 20th 2010, Memorabilia Show at the NEC in Birmingham.
      -November 6th 2010, Club 10 Bar Launch night at the Grange Hotel in St. Paul's, London.

    • Rupert Young trained at LAMDA (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art).

      He began acting at the age of 5, when he played a donkey and then a tree in a school play and he thought he was very good. Ever since, he wished to become an actor.

    • Rupert got a last minute audition for his role in Merlin, so he had to watch as much of the series one as he could in one day.

    • Rupert has always admired actors Richard Wilson and Anthony Head.

    • Rupert first met actress Sarah Parish on the set of Merlin when she was in full prosthetic for her troll role. He defines the experience as bizarre and fun.

    • Despite having been practicing for many days, Rupert was terrified and forgot the line he had to deliver in his first scene in Merlin. He thought he was gonna be cut out of the show. However, all the Merlin cast individually enjoyed his company and his acting so much that they persuaded the producers for the actor to be back on the show as a regular.

    • Personal:
      -Rupert has dark fair hair, blue eyes, and is right handed. He is 6'4'' (1,95 mt).
      -He has a brother called Justin (producer and writer for Holby City) and a sister.
      -He has a phobia of snakes.
      -Rupert is an accomplished clarinet player.
      -Rupert supports the Bolton Wanderers football club.
      -Rupert obtained his driving license in early 2013, passing the test at the first try.

    • Television:
      -The White Queen (2012) as Sir William Herbert.
      -This Love (2012) as The Other Man.
      -The Charles Dickens Show (2012) as Prince Albert.
      -Merlin, as Sir Leon (2009-2012).
      -Children in Need 2010 as Sir Leon (2010).
      -Goths (2010).
      -Shameless (2010) as Marc Arlington.
      -Merlin Secrets and Magic, as himself (2009).
      -Hotel Babylon, as Justice (2009).
      -Just Because You're Paranoid as Derek (2009).
      -Primeval as Mike (2008).
      -Vital Signs (2006) Uncredited role.
      -Heartbeat as Zak (2006).
      -Foyle's War as Armed Guard (2006).
      -Doc Martin as Adrian Pitts (2004).
      -Dirty Filthy Love as Josh (2004).
      -Island at War as British Soldier (2004).
      -Break Out.

    • Stage performances:
      -2012 February 1st: That Dark Place by Anna Jordan (dir. Anna Jordan) as Nathan, Riverside Studios, London.
      -2011 February 2nd-March 12th: Company by Stephen Sondheim (dir. Joe Fredericks) as Bobby, Southwark Playhouse, London.
      -2008 June 3rd-August 30th: Afterlife by Michael Frayn (dir. Michael Blakemore) as Kurt, National Theatre, London.
      -2008 March 17th-August 14th: Never So Good by Howard Brenton (dir. Howard Davies) as American Lieutenant, National Theatre, London.
      -2007 February 14th-17th: French Without Tears by Terrence Rattigan (dir. Paul Miller) as Brian Curtis, English Touring Theatre (ETT) company, Yvonne Arnaud Theatre, Guildford.
      -2007 February 20th-24th: French Without Tears by Terrence Rattigan (dir. Paul Miller) as Brian Curtis, English Touring Theatre (ETT) company, Malvern Theatres, Malvern.
      -2007 February 27th-March 4th: French Without Tears by Terrence Rattigan (dir. Paul Miller) as Brian Curtis, English Touring Theatre (ETT) company, Cambridge Arts Theatre, Cambridge.
      -2007 March 6th-March 10th: French Without Tears by Terrence Rattigan (dir. Paul Miller) as Brian Curtis, English Touring Theatre (ETT) company, Richmond Theatre, Richmond.
      -2007 March 20th-March 24th: French Without Tears by Terrence Rattigan (dir. Paul Miller) as Brian Curtis, English Touring Theatre (ETT) company, Theatre Royal Brighton, Brighton.
      -2006 December 6th-2007 January 6th: Sleeping Beauty (dir. Jeremy Bond) as Prince Peter, Salisbury Playhouse, Salisbury.
      -2005 July 21st-September 10th: Gilbert and Sullivan's musical H.M.S. Pinafore (dir. Timothy Sheader, Rachel Kavanaugh and Ian Talbot) as Sailor, Open Air Theatre, Regent's Park, London.
      -2005 June 6th-September 1st: William Shakespeare's Twelfth Night (dir. Timothy Sheader, Rachel Kavanaugh, and Ian Talbot) as Valentine, Open Air Theatre, Regent's Park, London.
      -2005 June 10th-September 3rd: William Shakespeare's Cymbeline (dir. Timothy Sheader, Rachel Kavanaugh, and Ian Talbot) as Guiderius, Open Air Theatre, Regent's Park, London. 
      -Comedy of Errors. 
      -The Rose. 
      -The Ring.

  • Quotes

    • Rupert Young: Someone once sent me photos to sign and two were of me and the other two were of Will Young's [UK Pop Idol 2002 winner] brother Rupert and he doesn't look anything like me. Maybe I should set a Wikipedia page, but what normally happens is that people do their own and I am an open person and don't go out there writing things about myself and I don't have a website yet.

    • Rupert Young: (About the acting profession) The passion for theatre and performing gets stronger the more you learn. It doesn't matter whether you are in a big West End musical or in a fringe theatre somewhere. There's no way I could have gone into the real world of acting without what I have learned from LAMDA. We are taught as we would be in the professional world – Talisman, March 2003.

    • Rupert Young: (About his training in LAMDA) I put everything into my audition for LAMDA. It was the only place to which I applied. I spent much of my first term with my mouth hanging open. I just couldn't believe how much there was to learn. One minute you are doing voice work, tap dancing the next, and then training for radio and TV. With demanding physical and vocal warm-ups to do first thing in the morning, getting a good night's sleep is important. Since the first term, I have leapt out of bed each morning – Talisman, March 2003.

    • Rupert Young: (About what it takes to become an actor) Before applying to LAMDA, I took part in a one-night performance of a musical at the King's Head theatre in London. I had no idea then just how much you need to know before becoming an actor. In fact, had that show involved more than just one performance, my untrained voice probably wouldn't have held up – Talisman, March 2003.

    • Rupert Young: (About sword fighting in Merlin) I'd done some previously. I have my sword always by my side in this. I'm always ready, always practicing.

    • Rupert Young: (About doing fantasy work in Merlin) It's something I've wanted to do, there's so much great stuff being made. I think the most classical thing I've done was something in the 1920s. It's nice to be doing something like this.

    • Rupert Young: (About filming in a chain mail) It's heavy during long days. And then when you actually wear the armour as well, you do get weighed down by the end of it. But it looks fantastic, that's all that matters. I feel lighter once I've got the chainmail off and a little taller as well. It's amazing how dirty it is, and you lose a bit of hair. It was fantastic when the armour came off, because it feels like you've got a little person sitting on your shoulders for most of the day, and the helmet is very restrictive.

    • Rupert Young: (About the sort of things he looks for in a script) Something new; the few times I've been able to choose between things, I've been trying to find something I haven't done before, that's different, that keeps me challenging myself. I've been lucky that I've been able to do that. There have been times when I haven't had that choice, and I take what I've been given. I think you want to be able to look back and not be pigeonholed. Sometimes in this industry people see you as something, and decide that's what you do. It's nice to be able to shock them: grow your hair a bit longer, or cut it shorter. It's amazing how much that changes things.

    • Rupert Young: (About becoming a regular and getting more scenes in Merlin) It was nice to be able to actually kind of put myself out there a little bit.

    • Rupert Young: (About Sir Leon, his character in Merlin) Sir Leon is a knight, and presumably he'll eventually become one of the Knights of the Round Table. He works for King Uther. He's always around, he helps out. He's very loyal. If there's a problem or there are bad people around, he's there. He delivers the news. He will joust with Arthur when he needs to practise. He's kind of the Camelot dogsbody, if there are things to be done, he does them.

    • Rupert Young: (About working with his long life admired actors Richard Wilson and Anthony Head) Being in a scene with these incredible actors that you've kind of always looked up to, hoped you'd one day have the chance to meet and then you are working with just not one but two or four of these guys… I've just really enjoyed. I love learning so much from people and watching people work. It was just amazing.

    • Rupert Young: (About the stunts in the jousting scenes in Merlin's episode 2x02 The Once and Future Queen) It's just incredible watching these French guys who are crazy, they are absolutely crazy. We got to sit on a horse, pull the mask down and then the stuntman does the crazy stuff and then I lift up and look a little tired and it's great that it would look like it was me doing some of these crazy things.